AW13 Nail Favourites

Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Noir and Vendetta // Essie in ‘For the Twill of It’, ‘Power Clutch’ (khaki) and Magnetic Snake skin effect ‘Snake it Up’ (navy) // Butter London ‘Billy no mates’

For the last couple of weeks I’ve started to embrace autumn’s palette in my nail shades, opting for darker tones. Unusually for me I’ve been drawn to deep rich blues, my usual Rouge Noir (although not always the Chanel version) and a couple of wild cards. I’ve yet to try it but I’m lusting after a flat khaki green and pale grey. I don’t own a khaki but I fancy this Essie shade and I’ll be resurrecting a pale grey I bought a few years back and wore only once. They feel modern and grown up at the same time and will provide the perfect relief from summer corals and neons, before party season sparkles take over.

I’d love to know what your favourite shades are this autumn… let me know!


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13 thoughts on “AW13 Nail Favourites

  1. I forgot to mention in the post that I have both the Essie shades on the top row – the snake metallic one from last year is quite subtle but enough to add a bit of interest. I’m totally obsessed with ‘For the Twill of It’ – Having normally shied away from iridescent shades, this one is a lot more subtle, and mainly looks pewter or in some lights a sludgy purple and others a sludgy green, rather than all the colours on one nail at once.

  2. I am a big fan of grey nails for this season. And intrigued by khaki. I’m also thinking fondly of my old iridescent nailvarnishes of yore and wondering if I can resurrect that look at all (my first ever nailvarnish was a pewter one that looked purple or green depending on the light and I LOVED it)

  3. I am loving navy blue nails this autumn but ironically they don’t always ‘go’ with what I’m wearing either being too matchy or clashing with the black opaques. I have a charcoal grey which I love and seems to go with everything and year after year I come back to the dark red…I need to get some more while I think about it.

  4. I was given Rouge Noir as a Christmas present from a crazy boss a couple of years ago, I love the colour but I find it chips really easily on my fingernails. Having had a quest to find the perfect non-metallic navy blue polish last year (best one I found was 17 at Boots) the other Chanel one looks nice but so expensive if it’s going to chip.
    I’ve also weirdly gone off all colour on my fingernails but toes don’t really get much outing at this time of year so I’ll have to get over it!

    • Yes people often comment on poor wear from Chanel. I have it and don’t find it particularly bad, but it’s not amongst my longest lasting polishes either. I still think it’s all down to preparation. But there are plenty of copy shades on the market that are a lot cheaper…

  5. I completely love the look of Essie ‘For the twill of it’, might have to track that down. I’ve just bought OPI’s ‘Russian Navy’ which is a deep purple/navy with a bit of shimmer, really gorgeous. I tried Rouge Noir last year and really wasn’t that keen, just a bit *too* dark for me -I love brights on my nails, would wear hot pink and turquoise on them all year round if I could get away with it -and generally do on my toes!

    • I love Russian Navy!! My favourite shade is a really old OPI colour called Lincoln Park After Dark, it’s a seriously dark red, in fact in some lights it can look black. Unfortunately it was discontinued I think.
      I would l love to wear neutrals or bright blues but they just don’t suit me. Red is really the only colour I wear now.

  6. I bought that Twilly nail varnish from Essie. I’m not sure about it because it’s too lilac and too grey for me – was hoping it would be more green/purple – strange how it looks so different in the bottle! (Maybe I have weird nails). I’m loving the new Chanel dark olive green Mysterious, but it is rather like painting the Forth Bridge – no sooner do you finish painting than you have to go back again and fill in the chips. I also like a very deep red they do – Irresistible – as well as the classic Rouge Noir. Any my Estee Lauder navy blue probably needs replacing – anyone got recommendations for a deep but warm navy, maybe with a subtle bit of shimmer/irresdescence?

    • Amanda if you don’t mind just a hint of purple as well as navy then OPI’s Russian Navy that I mentioned above might be a good option to check out!

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