Art Attack…

I’m always talking about how we never get around to finishing our rooms with real art on the walls and our Lounge, completed before Christmas is no exception. We partially remedied this with Pete’s birthday present to me, an Yvonne Coomber print, but there is still a large blank wall opposite the bay window and to the left of the sofa that looks very unloved. As the room already had a blue theme with a lot of jewel brights in it, choosing something has been tricky so I decoded to mock up a couple of ideas and I’d love to hear your thoughts…

One option would be to put up a single large piece, mirroring the other wall, but I’m not sure if that won’t look a bit odd. The wall, although it’s actually the narrower length of the room, looks long because of the radiator I think and it certainly needs a landscape print.

The other option would be to combine a few images. We are terrible at getting family photos printed out and I thoughts about combining some black and white prints with another print I spotted on Etsy from Clare Elsaesser. (The black and white images are of our bump shoot and Bea at 6 weeks by The Lawsons.) It’s just always difficult to choose images that don’t feel too personal or too ‘in your face’ for what is essentially a public space. I don’t want to do a more ‘gallery wall’ style of display as I think lots of pictures may look busy in here, in what is essentially a formal room and I have plans for one elsewhere downstairs.

What do you think readers? Any other ideas or suggestions?


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8 thoughts on “Art Attack…

  1. What about putting a floating shelf or two on the wall behind the chair, then a single picture that can be centralised over the radiator? As I think a single picture looks better, but it looks odd as the radiator isn’t central! And I always vote for personal pics on walls, I love them 🙂

  2. I think the group of three looks better, and agree, having a standard lamp in the corner would also pull the room together. Looks a lovely room 🙂

  3. I agree with Shelley about needing to centre the art above the radiator. I wonder if you could do that with the art print and then put the two photos on the wall above the armchair? I recently bought a picture from Clare Elsaesser too – I love her stuff. I also recommend Samantha French, Kai Samuel Davis and Kiki and Polly – all on Etsy. x

  4. Have you seen the limited edition prints on the Clarissa Hulse website? They would give the room some colour to balance your curtains on the other side of the room. Love these prints – they are so different.

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