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I love art. Despite that, many of the walls in our home are still blank, simply out of my inability to pull the plug and purchase something to decorate them with. I hope in future we will have some spare cash to invest in beautiful limited editions or even some original prints and that stops me spending money on lovely prints now sometimes, despite there being so many out there.

‘You are my Happiness’ – Yvonne Coomber

When we renovated the lounge we really had a mind-block about what to put on the walls. It’s not a casual room, although the curtains keep it a bit less formal, (as do the constantly scattered toys on the floor nowadays!) so my usual choice of fun prints wasn’t quite right and my go to for simpler rooms of photographic prints or black and white prints wasn’t right in a room with so much colour.

For my birthday Pete bought me this Yvonne Coomber Limited edition print and it’s absolutely perfect for the space. We discovered her work at the Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall on our first anniversary and have many a time considered splashing out on an original. The prices have doubled since we started looking at them and realistically we’re not yet at the stage we should spend the money on one anyway, so I was thrilled with this. For all the reasons above, I never would have bought it myself, but it’s made me realise we should have done it sooner!

It made me wonder, have you ever spent a bit more on a piece of special art? Or if you haven’t is there something you always wish you had bought or would like to in future?


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6 thoughts on “Art Amateur…

  1. Every now and then I buy a limited edition print. I think you have to snap it up when you see something you like, rather than wait until you’re staring at a bare wall and wondering what to put there! It’s nice to have things that hold a certain memory, and they help make a home feel unique.

    I really like lino prints and recently I bought a Helen Brown one of the Sussex Downs (where I’m originally from):

    And the one before that was this Liz Toole one:

  2. That’s a lovely picture!
    I really struggle with what to put on our walls. I can never find anything just right…… Just the right mix of colour, edgy, size, cost, that doesn’t look too ikea… Not that there’s anything wrong with ikea, but I just like what I put on my walls to mean something to me or speak to me in some way, without being endless family photos which I find slightly twee.
    I especially struggle with the price. I have to admit to being a bit tight when it comes to art. I tend to like the slightly abstract images, and quite often I think I could recreate something similar for half the cost. Of course I never do… Hmm maybe I’ll go browse a few art websites again….

    • Etsy and Society 6 are my Go-to’s. The photographic print we have in the Kitchen was about £17 (so dodged customs from the US) and we got some cheap and cheerful cute prints for the nursery from there too.

  3. Good morning, great choice from Pete, really offsets the sofa.

    I also love a limited edition piece, i picked up one of the From Manchester with Love limited prints last week & i have a neon riso graph print 1 of only 10 hanging in our kitchen.

    Since opening up my wee art & stationery shop on chapel st salford (sorry self plug) I’ve acquired a new collection of works and its introduced me to lots of artists across the UK and more of them in the north west. Abstract foil blocked print from Tom Pigeon being one of my faves. Hope we could inspire you to look closer to home for your next piece.

    We’re keen to buy an original and I’ve got my eye on something of the west coast of Scotland to hang in our holiday home there. But it’s definitely an investment.

  4. I love art and so does my husband but as we are diligently saving for a deposit for our first house it’s not something we have the money to spend on. We do however have a few pieces around our home – one original painting by a student at the Camberwell College of Arts who we met at a dinner party through friends – she was hosting and my husband loved one of the paintings on her wall and I later purchased it as a present for Scott. Luckily as she was a student it was relatively cheap for a beautiful original piece. At the moment my friend’s mum who paints gorgeous oil paintings of landscapes is working on one of Edinburgh that I am hoping to purchase for a friendly discount!

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