April in Instagrams…

I thought I’d switch up the format of this monthly post and I’m grouping together things by type so you can see the stuff you’re interested in… enjoy 🙂

The garden bloomed this month and it’s so good to see it all come alive – often for the first time as this is our first spring in this house.

I got into maternity dressing and hopefully managed to keep some of my signature style…

The cats seemed to spend all month stretching on the carpet in various sun patches whilst I enjoyed afternoon tea at the Lowry and Pete really bonded with baby kicking. 🙂

This month goes down in history as the-month-we-got-back-into-our-bedroom. There’s a long way to go with finishing touches but I love it already.

And just as one hell hole gets cleaned up, another one opens… our cellar makeshift kitchen and kitchen work is well underway. The cats continued to snooze through it all of course.

How was your April readers?


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3 thoughts on “April in Instagrams…

  1. A still reading through yesterday’s tips but just wanted to say that (a) you have the neatest bump ever and (b) that midi dress from ASOS looks great.

    THINK am starting to get kicks but not sure if they are indigestion instead. Got one real corker this morning that made me go ‘ooooohhh eeeee’ when I wasn’t expecting it. I think baby was telling me to stop reading yesterdays comments and that it wanted its breakfast.

  2. I’ve loved the sunshine and amazing blossom that has appeared this month. I’ll always remember it as the first time we felt our little lodger start kicking and I’ve loved getting into yoga. Love your pictures Rebecca, where is your floral dress from its lovely x

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