All that glitters…

Just recently I’m having an irrational obsession with gold. Gold glasses, gold objet’s, gold trays, coasters, prints. There’s nothing that isn’t better when gilded.

Fortunately, there must be a few people who agree with me as I’ve seen some beautiful gold table and glassware in the shops for Christmas, perfect for adding sparkle to your Christmas table, or gifting to your favourite girlfriend. Here are my favourites…

Gold glimmer champagne saucers £24, Next // Golden Leaf wine glass £7.50 M&S // Metallic spot mugs £7.50 M&S // Limited edition gold letter mug £8 Anthropologie // Gold rim glass £12 Anthropologie // Gold Cutlery, Zara Home // Hammered Golden Coasters £19 Zara Home

Personally, I’m hoping for those spotted mugs and gold coasters in my stocking this year 😉

What do you think readers, are you loving gold right now too?


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14 thoughts on “All that glitters…

  1. Gold was the accent colour at our wedding so I too am having a gold moment right about now (and it works with either white in summer or black in winter too…..bonus).

    I love the wine glasses, coasters and champagne saucers. Whilst my Pinterest board is mainly holiday destinations (sun…now…need), there is a gold board which is the only one I kept after deleting all the other wedding ones. Check it ouuuuuttttt…

  2. I’ve always been more a silver person with jewellery but have recently found myself in love with rose gold. I do, however, love the champagne saucers in gold. They remind me of disco glitter. A perfect excuse to crack out the bubbles.

  3. Love. Love. Love. My top gold tip is Argos….not sure if you still sell them but earlier in the year I bought a beautiful set of gold cutlery from them. They were a ridiculously cheap price of about £30 for a full set from memory and although they’re not dishwasher proof which is disappointing, they look soooo much more expensive than you would expect.


    p.s. already have my eye on those champagne saucers for my Christmas table!

  4. Love the champagne saucers – but they’re useless to actually enjoy fizz from as they encourage it to go flat really quickly! I guess you could do martinis in there….

  5. LOVE those wine glasses!! The letter mugs are lovely too. However does it make me old that I get put off thinking ‘I bet that’s not dishwasher-proof’??

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