All Change…

I’m not going to lie, this is probably one of the hardest posts I have ever had to write. I write it in fear of your disappointment but knowing that it has to be done.

I always strive for Florence Finds to be a reflection of real life, not a glorified glossy representation of the unattainable. I want it to inspire and reassure you that whatever woes you may have, there’s somebody else out there having it too. That’s the main message, with plenty of inspiration for improving all the textures of your life too. I have always felt strongly that I should practice what I preach. Recent posts I have written about work and life have meant that something has to change in mine, and it’s news of that that I’m sharing today.

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You see I love Florence Finds, don’t for a second get me wrong on that or think I’m tiring of it. We’re not going anywhere 🙂 But do I love it more than my husband, my family, my friends, my life? Of course not. I couldn’t. A lot of bloggers pay lip service to their chaotic, over stressed and over worked lives and the oft repeated mantra is that ‘they wouldn’t change a thing’. Well, I beg to differ. One of the best things about having Florence Finds is that I’m control of it, rather than it controlling me. So when the workload gets too much, I can say enough is enough.

You all know I took a temporary job recently with longer hours, and my reasons for doing it. As a result, I’d be lying if I thought I could keep the blog going at the pace I have so far. Actually, I totally could, I’ve done it before – earlier in the year I did the same job and just waded through every evening spent blogging. I actually wrote this post in mid-July, planning to make the change at the beginning of last month, then limped on. Not only did the lack of ‘down-time’ make me feel one dimensional, but I wasn’t happy with the content I was putting out. But do I want to do that again? No.

So, from this week, until (and if) there’s some semblance of change in the precarious balance that is life there will be 1 less post per week on Florence Finds. I asked for your feedback a while back with this in mind and carefully considered the responses. Of course there is no pleasing everyone but I hope the changes I’m making won’t be too much of a disappointment. Monday mornings will see a lighter post but no less addictive – ‘Monday Must-haves’, which will make it a little easier for me to get back on track after the weekend and also nicely fills a gap we had at Florence Finds for sharing single items of lust.

Friday is the other change you’ll see, but do not fear, it’s Friday Food that is going, not Frocks – I couldn’t do that to you! Food won’t be disappearing from these pages completely, rather making an appearance in the week whenever I have something to share. That way they will be a better reflection of my life and also coming to you from my own kitchen.

I also want to share another change that I’m making today. Some of you might have noted the change this morning to my right hand sidebar. Right at the top there you can see a larger than previous advert and that is because I have recently taken the decision to sign up with an advertising agency, Handpicked Media. Until now, I have treated Florence Finds with the professionalism that it and you, the readers deserved, but it has never in anyway been a business. I do use affiliate links, where they fit with pre-planned content and NEVER the other way around. I do not plan content to increase the links and potential revenue. To explain affiliate links to those of you who do not already know, some of the links I place on Florence Finds earn me a percentage of the sale on any purchases that are made when clicking through from the site. This varies between about 3-8% on average and that percentage comes from the brand, in no way affecting the cost of the item to the consumer. In fact you could argue that you get extra benefits from it as I promote discount days, flash sales and free delivery offers from the brands I am affiliated with if I think they are of any use. I have a similar arrangement with Amazon. I’m not going to go into pounds and pence but the earnings I get from this are in no way enough for me to a. be swayed into unethical behaviour or b. renumerate even a fraction of the time I spend on Florence Finds. Given how much effort I put in, I decided that joining an agency like Handpicked was the most sensible way to gain some return from my hard work and retain control over the content.

All the adverts you see on Florence Finds will be personally approved by me. They will always be something that I can see myself or the average Florence Finds reader being interested in, no cash for gold or online bingo adverts here. I may from time to time also accept sponsored posts, however once again they will always be personally selected and approved, in the interests of the reader and clearly marked as such.

Lastly, in the process of making these changes you will see the long column of brand adverts have been removed for now. In their place, I have added some new buttons to highlight prime content areas that I know you all enjoy. I took my cue from the feedback in this survey for the buttons and chose your favourite posts so when you’re in need of a little lifestyle inspiration, you can have a click through and browse your favourite area instantly.

I think that’s all for now folks. I’d love to hear your thoughts as always, good or bad and hope you’ll stick with me through the transition. My number one priority is ensuring the quality of the posts on Florence Finds and these small changes are going to make a big difference to me and my life, in turn helping me to do just that. Thanks readers, just for coming back and reading. I will never take that for granted.


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30 thoughts on “All Change…

  1. Please don’t feel bad Rebecca. Your commitment to FF is amazing and we would really not want you to wear yourself out. Personally I can live without Friday Food in exchange for better posts throughout the week and you being happier! 😉

  2. Sounds like a plan to me! And I’m one of those who usually skips Friday Food anyway. Seriously though, don’t ever feel you need to apologise for wanting to do what’s right for you!

    • Me too, I am such a kitchenophobe I never read it! Although I did send on Mahj’s steak salad recipe to a friend who made it and LOVED it, so am glad food is not disappearing altogether.

      Monday must-haves is perfect too. I have next to no time to read blogs at the moment, so pretties at a glance is bob on.

      Good on you for making the call, I know you and FF will be healthier and happier for it.


  3. I’ll admit I was a bit worried to read what the ‘big changes’ were, but one fewer posts a week?! No complaints here, love.

    Hope you can get some balance again soon.


  4. Rebecca, your commitment to FF and everything else you do is inspirational. One post less a week…I have no qualms about that whatsoever and hopefully this little change will make a huge difference for you personally!


  5. Good for you – not only for fronting up to feeling a bit overwhelmend and acting on it (such a difficult thing to do even privately, let alone publicly on the internets) but also for monetising the effort you put in, even if the actual remuneration doesn’t currently reflect time spent, hopefully it will one day!

  6. FF is fab, no matter how many posts you put out a week. You deserve some more time for you!
    Frankly I have no idea how you juggle everything (You make me feel lazy 🙂 ). I’m sure that all of us just want you to be happy, don’t worry we’ll still keep coming back.

  7. Having your blog in the format that works for you is going to make for a happier time for you and that is key – good for you for making the decisions you need to. One of the nice things about blogs is they are not set in stone, and always evolve – part of the fun for the readers too. 🙂

  8. Can I be blunt? I adore this blog but when a post pops up, I happily read it without wondering if I’ve missed one this week. Does that make sense? I love each post, but I have no real concept how many posts you do a week so I wouldn’t probably notice if you dropped one (unless it was Friday Frocks ;)). You need to make sure you have balance in life otherwise, seriously, what would be the point?

    • Whaaaaat?!

      I’m joking. Seriously, it has taken a little bit of adjusting to the difference between the obsessive viewing nature of a wedding blog reader checking every-single-day-on-the-hour-without-fail, to the lifestyle blog reader who now has an actual life to live too! 😉 Fortunately I relaxed about that some time ago! After all, I have favourite blogs too and there is only one I read daily, others are every few days – I’m too busy!

    • Chloe, I actually was reading another blogger write a similar post the other day except she was stopping blogging regularly all together – Zoe and Drew, as she has a new career direction and re-training to do. It sounded like she was also a little out of love with the whole blogging scene. I really didn’t want to get to that stage. If you get to the point where you resent it and it’s a constant burden, something is going wrong. I hope you make a plan too. The hardest thing to remember is that if people love you blog they will still come back if you don’t post as often as you did. Good Luck!


  9. I was so panicking that the big changes meant no more FF – so relieved its not that! I still can’t believe you do this blog and have another day job, the quality of this blog is brilliant, and as Kerry said, even with one less post a week, your blog will still be putting out great content. Hope this helps bring you some balance, and your honesty about making this change is one of the many things I love about FF. xxxx

  10. All sounds good from here. Completely agree with the need to priorities those nearest to you. How you have kept it up for so long, I have no idea. I love your blog, but would come back to it religiously even if there was only one post a day. Well done for prioritising!

  11. I love your blog Rebecca, and was a little bit worried about the big changes, but one fewer post a week? Much as I love Friday Food, I can live with that! I’ve always been impressed that you not only manage a blog and another (no doubt very demanding) job, but also the quality of the volume of the posts you put out. Each one is so well written and inspiring, and the content so varied. Best of luck to you in finding a better balance xx
    Also really appreciate that you are being open about your reasons for blogging, the changes you’re making and your approach to monetising your efforts. You’re not accountable to anyone, but it’s really refreshing, not to mention interesting, to read.

  12. Always admire how many posts you manage! I hope dropping just the one allows you a little more ‘me-time’ 🙂 Think the Monday must-haves could be a bit dangerous for me, shopping is a great little pick me up for the beginning of the week!


  13. Hmm, happy balanced Rebecca vs stressed out and frazzled Rebecca. Well I know where my vote lands!
    And I love food, love it, but can def live without Fri Food if it means we get your random food posts popping up every now and then.


  14. I think this is the only blog I check everyday and I’m so glad you’re not stopping. One post fewer a week – I hope thats enough for you to get balance back in your life, I know I feel things have been crazy busy recently and thats without a blog to organise.

    Based on todays selection the Monday must -haves are going to be very dangerous for me, might have to get my husband to hold the credit cards on a Monday!

    Ruth xx

  15. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – its your blog and you mustn’t feel guilty if you devote less time to it – you are not letting anyone down. Life is for living! Florence Finds is fabulous (one of the only blogs are always check twice a day as I love your tone and voice – always have – even in the RMW days!) One less post a week (or even a couple less!) wouldn’t change that. 🙂 xx

  16. All sounds really sensible and makes complete sense. It’s quality not quantity that counts and if it’s wiping you out then you’re not going to be able to keep it up. Also you said at the end of your post that your number one priority is ensuring the quality of the posts – whilst that’s great for me and the rest of your readers it shouldn’t be it should be you and your family. I think we should come a little further down the list.

    We all struggle to balance the day to day – I don’t think anyone gets it right all the the time or even most of the time regardless of what they say in blog posts or interviews. I think we all muddle along the best we can 🙂

    Hope the new job is going well x

  17. Just the fact that you have taken the time to explain all of this in detail shows that you have an incredible commitment to your blog. You need to do whatever it is that helps you keep the balance and a smile on your face. FF is not just a lifestyle blog. It’s a community of supportive women, and judging by the comments above mine, everyone here is going to be supportive of whatever decision and routine alterations you make for your blog.

    I always say that work is a means to an end, but if I have to work, I might as well do something I enjoy. But as I said on my post yesterday, my family, health and God are my top priorities. Under no circumstances I will allow work to overtake my 3 priorities, because I’ve learnt from experience that the moment it does, I’m going to be a very unhappy woman, and I will ultimately end up despising my job. And if someone is going to think less of me because of my stance, well it’s their problem – I will continue enjoying my happy marriage, healthy body and spiritual mind while they work themselves to the ground! 😉

    Can’t wait to see you again at DFD workshop!

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