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It’s the first week of the holidays (or second for some of you) and I reckon many of you will be heading off for summer breaks, or if not, wishing you were, so I thought I’d share some info about my recent holiday.

When we went away 2 weeks ago it was booked not long before we went and I decided to give AirBnB a go for accommodation booking. In my experience accommodation in Greece is often rather basic and unfortunately not in the simple white washed walls and pretty blue painted furniture way… We wanted self-catering, ideally a private villa, with a pool and 2 bedrooms. We totally lucked out with Villa Dioni 🙂

Before I go on, the villa was up a STEEP hill, and a lot of steps – thats what gave it that glorious view, but there was always the pool to dive into after the walk up and we certainly earned our dinner. 😉 It was a really short walk to the main area of Agios Nikitas, (it’s a really small place,) but if you can’t hack a bit of a hike, this isn’t the place for you! We also didn’t take the pushchair and just put Bea in the woven wrap everyday – which made life a lot easier.

The Villa actually has 2 downstairs bedrooms and a bathroom, a main kitchen and living space on the ground floor which goes out onto the pool area and has a balcony for eating on, then a mezzanine with another sleeping area. The main attraction however was the outside space and the pool – wow to the view and wow to the space.

We weren’t sure what to expect from AirBnB but our host Thanasis was great – communicated brilliantly and so quickly. I’m sure keys handover varies from rental to rental but he met us to give us the keys and there were some Greek provisions in the fridge – wine, fruit etc. A cleaner came once and more fruit appeared. As you might know from my other post about travelling with a baby, it wasn’t remotely child friendly. There are steps, stairs, steep drops as the villa is on a hillside, and no child provisions, but Bea wasn’t running around yet so it was ok for us and of course, she never left our sight. Thats might be more difficult with an older child.

I’ll be writing more about the holiday later in the week – the village we went to – its such a lovely place I almost don’t want to share it! 😉


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7 thoughts on “Found: AirBnB – Villa Dioni

  1. Looks gorgeous! And great to have a private pool….was it heated?

    We recently booked to go away mid September but decided to go AI as I wasn’t sure about self catering and whether it would feel like much of a holiday for me! Would be interesting to see how you coped with the logics of self catering as well as Bea?

    I never think to check Air B n B for summer holidays, more long weekends, so great to find somewhere so accommodating! Will read main holiday post with interest for another year!

    • No Becca… seriously, you wouldn’t want it to be heated – it was essential for cooling off purposes!

      We took cereal, pasta, rice cakes and peanut butter(!) with us but nothing else. We all ate cereal etc for breakfast as usual and at lunch we either ate out or had DIY greek salad. Bea ate hummus (surprise surprise) and bread with some feta or we bought a tin of tuna and sweetcorn and made her a tomato pasta with those for the lunches we were home for. Otherwise she ate out with us and ate what we were having. She ate EVERYTHING greek – loved it. So I know what you mean about SC but it wasn’t hard work at all.
      I was told by another mum that they went AI and wouldn’t do it again as the resort eating times weren’t appropriate for a baby and the ‘snacks’ weren’t things the baby would eat (Or at least not for a week.) But I guess that would be resort and facility dependent…? x

  2. We love AirBnB – we’ve stayed in places on the Isle of Skye, Lisbon, NYC and Boston and all of them have been fab. You get a really good idea from the reviews if they are good or not. Your place in Greece looks great – love that view!!!

  3. I am a big Air BnB fan and have only had excellent experiences with them so far. We are actually looking for somewhere to stay for a week in September and this looks perfect 🙂 That view! I much prefer going self catering now that we have a 1 year old. We normally eat out for lunch and then cook something simple for ourselves once he’s in bed. It does mean that you have to cook and wash up on holiday but I would prefer that to the stresses of adhering to someone else’s schedule.

    Looking forward to the full holiday post!

  4. Looks fabulous hun. I’d be interested to know how you found Greece at the moment with all the scaremongering about the financial issues there. We’re planning a holiday in September – found some amazing deals for gorgeous 5* boutique resorts – even island hopping so seriously considering it now. Had wanted to go to Mallorca/Ibiza for 2 weeks but it is proving SO expensive, even with airbnb stays throughout, the cheapest places are dire and equitable to staying 5* in Greece! Just doesn’t make sense.

    • Hey!
      It was absolutely fine! Obviously I can only speak for the area were were in but I suspect much of the islands and holiday spots will be the same. Their main income is tourism and I think tourism is booming at the moment because it’s cheap!

      We made contingency plans via taking a LOT more cash than we normally would – we bought back about half of what we took I think, and paid for car hire and the hotel on our last night before we left. Living is cheap in Greece anyway. And our host was happy to inform us of the situation day to day there before we left.

      We didn’t find any difference otherwise. We did see a lot of begging children when we made a trip to the main town near us around the port but I got the impression (completely without real info here) that they were migrants or refugees as a lot of Europe is struggling in the same way we are in that respect. Otherwise it was business as usual. We didn’t even attempt to get money out of an ATM as we had no need, but the banks were closed and I don’t know if they have reopened yet as I’m not still following it on the news. If they were I’d expect a banking withdrawal limit. I think travelling with kids it would be wise to take a few medical supplies too and not rely on local services, in case there is a shortage of supply. That said, we only took paracetamol for Bea.

      I’d go again in a heartbeat! x

  5. It looks amazing! Although I would definitely need to host a Mamma Mia style party while there; not sure that’s allowed in the Airbnb house rules!

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