A work in progress…

I feel like I have been a bit quiet lately although the blog is keeping ticking over, and I don’t have much to report on the fashion, home or life front because it feels like nothing is happening. In actual fact, loads is happening but in this house I was determined to make the right decisions, so I have really allowed myself the luxury of time to mull over them. As we are doing room by room I’m getting the chance to carefully consider each element, how they go together and be sure I’m happy so hopefully there will be no costly mistakes. Of course, if all this sounds very decadent, let’s keep it real, we’re also desperately scraping cash together month by month to do each step of the renovation, so money is a limiting factor too. Today I thought I’d share some ‘progress’ pictures with you all, so you might get some insight into how I decorate.

After this post about my living room ideas I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is and decide if I can stomach this deep shade of blue on ALL the walls (I think Becca’s comment was spot on…) The Fabric here is Bluebellgray and the paint is Farrow and Ball Pitch Blue. I always try paint on lining paper so it’s not a nightmare to paint over patches of different shades and I always do one for each wall – everyone who has seen ours up have asked what the paints are, assuming it was more than one shade, illustrating how different they can look in different lights.

The bedroom is in a similar state although with more choice and after my fruitless search for a chalky pinky grey, we’re going back to actual grey in Cornforth White for in here. In the background you can see the large scale painterly floral fabric in grey with a touch of lilac that I’ve ordered the curtains in and the new windows are being fitted next week! Then come January, the wall you see here will be gone as it’s knocked through to the dressing room. I’m psyching myself up to move out into one of the chilly attic rooms!

Obviously, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and not having somewhere to eat in there was driving me mad. We ordered a table from made.com which we knew would be an interim measure as in the future we homed to have an island in the new kitchen. Eventually it dawned on me that the lead time on it was so long (It still wouldn’t have been delivered by now,) that we should just get something from Ikea. While we were on one of many trips there it dawn don me that we could buy a free standing island and kill two birds with one stone as we also answered the question bout how feasible it would be to squeeze an island into that space.

So for Β£200 we got a kitchen table and island in one and I am using it for storage too with my Sophie Conran Crockery displayed on it along with my excessive collection of cookery books stacked on the top shelf.

Of course we needed some seating but ikeas selection was pretty poor and I wouldn’t have minded spending money on ones we would keep but I doubted that I had a clear enough vision on the kitchen to do that. Vicky tipped me off about these Tolix look-alikes from Home Bargains for Β£19.99! Incredible!

Lastly, we still don’t have our main tree up, but we did put a fake one in the hall as it was just crying out for some Christmas spirit…

Now we’re starting to make small changes and the house is working for us, it’s feeling much more like ours πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s going on readers, have a great weekend,


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12 thoughts on “A work in progress…

  1. It’s going to look great when it’s all done. I’d love to know what the other greys are that you have tested in the bedroom and have up – I’m trying to find one at the moment for a nursery.

    Btw, that is nowhere near an excessive number of cookbooks…

      • I would also love to hear about grey paint choices. I am looking for a light but not to cold grey for our halls and another grey for our new loft bedroom. I always love the colours that you have picked out but panic when I get to the paint aisle!

  2. Hi ladies,

    The greys are all F&B (Pete is very taken with them but I would always recommend checking out Dulux etc – they can be as good if not better…)
    The palest one closest to you on the bedroom picture is Great White – very white, the darkest (middle) one is Purbeck Stone and the furthest one is Cornforth White (pale grey).

  3. The island looks wonderful and those stools were a bargain! Love the blue you’ve chosen for the living room; it’s going to look stunning πŸ™‚ xxx

  4. I love hearing the updates on your house. It’s really giving me lots of inspiration for my move in March, although I’ll be moving to a much smaller house! I really don’t want to rush into doing too much to the house straight away and want to live in the house for a few months before making any decisions. The paint on lining paper is a great tip. Thanks.

  5. What a great idea to paint paper and stick it up! I’ve been staring at 3 splodges on my wall for months, can’t decided on the colour and now wish I hadn’t splodged in the first place! You are making us all v jealous with your new house! πŸ™‚

  6. I am also debating a blue wall/room having fallen for a stunning navy backed botanical wallpaper for the chimney breast alcoves and changing my thinking on how our currently white and plain room could look. Look forward to seeing how you decide to go, my wallpaper will not be available to buy til Feb so a bit of time to think…

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