A Stylish Jubilee…

I’m going to be honest here and say that the Jubilee fever has somewhat passed me by, partly being on holiday and partly because I’m going to be in Scotland for the Jubilee holiday at a family wedding. That’s not to say that I’m a nay-sayer or anti-royalist, I quite enjoy the royal family and would have liked to see the festivities and celebrate, as it is, I’ll be in the most anti-royalist part of the country I think!

What I have noticed a distinct asbence of however, is tasteful souvenirs and commemorative items, which is why there has been a distinct lack of coverage aimed at the jubilee on the blog. I have been pleasantly suprised however by a few of my favourite interiors stores producing select pieces with a nod to the jubilee and thought they were worth a round up. I’m particularly loving the crown adorned items, subtly celebrating the occasion but with much more longevity and a touch of whimsy.

Amongst my favourites are the corgi and crown motifs Thornback and Peel have produced, looking just hand-drawn enough to be unique, and just stylish enough to be a finishing touch.

Corgi and Crown tea Towels // Corgi apron // Union Jack napkins // All Thornback and Peel.

Need a shot of Regal style in your home this year? You’d never know these stylish finds were celebrating the Jubilee rather than being Rule-Brittania-Cool…

Tongue in cheek ‘I Rule’ print // Q tile // God Save the Queen // Queen Elizabeth II cushions // All Rockett St George.

Did I ever think I would dress up in red, white and blue themed items whilst coming over all patriotic. I dare say I would in these beauties…

Toga dress, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania // True British Alice Temperley by Alice Temperley hardcover book // Vintage union Jack print wellington boots, Hunter // Crown sequined merino wool sweater, Markus Lupfer // Soldiors vest, Aubin and Wills // All at Net-a-Porter

So, tell me readers, what are you doing for the bank holiday weekend? I’m looking forward to hearing your celebration plans and if any of these pieces take your fancy!


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19 thoughts on “A Stylish Jubilee…

  1. Well, now, that depends on which part of Scotland you’re in – if the wedding’s in Govan, you’ll see more pictures of the Queen than in Buckingham Palace! (I suspect it’s highly unlikely you’re going to a wedding in Govan, though. At least I hope it is.)

    Love the soldier vest!

    • Hehe – this made me chuckle! A friend’s husband’s family have a large mounted photo-montage of the Queen on their living room wall, very close to that part of Glasgow! x

        • I had heard that actually…
          Does it really work? I just did some googling and I know they cant market it as such, but some people weren’t impressed. Don’t want to leave it to chance! I got eaten on holiday and it’s not a good wedding guest look!

          • My In-laws go walking every weekend in the Highlands (very keen Munro-baggers!) and they swear by it. I’ve also heard B12 and garlic supplements can help – midges apparently don’t like the taste of you so much if you have a diet rich in either of those. I am uber allergic to their bites (and unfortunately the wee blighters seem to love me!), and I tried them when walking the West Highland Way and it seemed to help a bit – I didn’t get nearly as many. You do need to biuld it up for a few weeks though, so that might not be such helpful advice! x

          • Also, now I think back – lots of pubs and restaurants along the WHW sell SSS…

      • Malaig is Stunning – how lovely to be married there! Hopefully the Sun will shine like it has been for the last week!

  2. In central London its difficult to get away from the Jubilee, so I’ve decided to go with it rather than fight it – the upside being that I now have a very bling crown necklace from the Tatty Devine for Selfridges collection, which I’m wear with a very pared down black outfit today: http://ow.ly/i/F0Dg

    Over the jubilee weekend? Kicking things off on Friday with the English National Ballet & Flawless at the Hammersmith Apollo and the the remaining days are filled with family, gardening and, maybe, redecorating our hall and stairs (bright yellow walls, pale great woodwork).

  3. I’m having a big old party, reusing a lot of the stuff from my Royal Wedding party and also my own vintage wedding china. I’ve located some vintage bunting in my uncle’s loft from the silver jubilee which i’ll also string all over the garden. I love the Royals and I love an afternoon tea party, so this is the perfect excuse for me to go a bit crazy! I set a dressing up theme as “British icons from the last 60 years (not necessarily human)” and was going to go as fish n chips or strawberries and cream, but with house moving and holidays all my dressing up plans have gone slightly wrong (and in to storage), so I’m just going to go heavy on the British patriotism with lots of red, white and blue… though if I win the lottery tonight (must remember to buy a ticket now) I’ll be buying a Vivienne Westwood jubilee collection dress: http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2012/04/23/vivienne-westwood-launches-jubilee-collection/gallery ! I found them the other day whilst looking for a union jack dress that wasn’t a tacky rip off of the Geri dress. Wearability is slim though for a faded flag ballgown… don’t you think? No pound-per-wear opportunities with that little number!

    Feeling slightly like I might have over-stretched myself though as the party is on the Monday and I have a wedding and a 30th on the Saturday and a wedding on the Sunday. Pro plus anyone?

  4. Or if your in Ayrshire, Scotland theres plenty going on, street parties etc. You might just be suprised! Im on holiday next week and upset to be missing it, the olympic torch also travels through my area next week, missing it all 🙁

    Lovin the Hunter wellies! xx

  5. Its my hen night!! Its in London with a British theme so we are embracing jubilee weekend! It starts on Friday with low key dinner and cocktails then Saturday, a walk around borough market, cocktail making and dinner out with 19 of my besties!! Oh and very excited because bestie no 1 is over from Australia to celebrate and I haven’t seen her for over a year! So exciting!! xx

  6. Not entirely sure what I’m doing for the bank holiday however tomorrow in work is Jubilee day and as we’re required to dress in red/white/blue to enjoy the festivities, I’m going to FINALLY be able to wear my union jack dress from Traffic people that I’ve only worn once when I had my Anglo-American Extravaganza Party last year (celebrating 10 years of living in the UK, I thought it appropriate but haven’t found another ocassion to wear it since)…


    It’s gorgeous, silk, flowy and DEFINITELY not Geri-wannabe 😉

    Enjoy Scotland! xxx

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