A simple Gold lamp DIY

Gold lamp diy

Recently I’ve been thinking much more about repurposing old things as I often find myself in a trap with home accessories, not wanting to waste or throw away things, but wanted to change up the look. This make-over was so simple it hardly merits the title of a DIY, but the transformation for so effective I thought it was worth sharing to make you think if you could do something similar with something of yours.

Do you remember the lamp before?

When we had more of an industrial salvage vibe going on with our decor this black wire lamp was perfect and the shade was neutral enough, although I never really loved it. Afetr the addition of much more colour, both the base and shade looked out of place and Pete and I had been on the look out for a whole new lamp. Most of those we looked were quite an investment and we never actually splurged the cash. one day we stumbled across this hot pink lamp shade reduced to £15 in Heals.

It suddenly occurred to me that the base would look great in gold, which I’m totally obsessed with as an interiors accent right now. One can of gold spray paint later and a new shade, and the whole lamp was transformed.

So readers, tell me, have you repurposed or made over anything recently, or have I given you any ideas? My next project is a kitchen dresser where I’ll be using the techniques I learned on this Ruby Rhino painting workshop.


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4 thoughts on “A simple Gold lamp DIY

  1. I really like this! We have a lamp I want to improve, I am thinking of using some fabric I have (and some fire retardant spray I think – need to check) to re-do the shade and then plan on spray painting the bottom, but I have no idea what colour! For now it shall remain white, but am day dreaming of turquoise or pink!

    Can’t wait to see more of your home as it gets more sorted – it is so exciting!

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