A Secret Friday Frock


Good morning readers!

I’m sorry there’s no Friday Frock today! There’s only one frock for me this week and that’s a wedding dress, and I can’t show you yet! For the last 2 days I have been down south getting ready for Jessica’s wedding which is finally happening! Today will be all about finishing the Marquee decor, making the table arrangements, the wedding rehearsal, then chillaxing for that golden hour before bed with a chick flick and some bubbles.

You can follow along on Instagram behind the scenes and I’ll see you on Monday!

How did you spend the night before your wedding? Any last advice for Jess?!


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8 thoughts on “A Secret Friday Frock

  1. Ooh how exciting! Have a fabulous day Jess and make sure you eat some breakfast! Will definitely be keeping an eye on your instagram for sneak peeks!

  2. Super exciting! Happy Wedding day Jess ! My advice is relax and enjoy and make sure you sample all your food! I’m still gutted I didn’t get to try my wedding cake!!!! Xxx

  3. Enjoy your days. Plural.

    Everyone said this to me and I was like “um yeah right” but genuinely, nothing matters except the “I do” bit. My hair was flapping all over the place, falling out and generally frizzing about before I went aislewards and I was like “YEAH AND”. Care factor ZERO. Everything you think you will care about won’t matter a jot. Its so exciting and it will be AMAZING.

    P.S. When you get upset because you think everyone is leaving at 6pm ….its 2am and the day has gone THAT fast.

  4. Have a wonderful day/weekend Jess. Can only echo what everyone else has said – just enjoy it! Take moments out with your new husband to just be and relax 🙂

  5. Have an amazing weekend!!! Jess have a fantastic day, make sure you have breakfast, however nervous you are, and that you take time out with your new husband to look at everybody enjoying themselves. The day will fly by, so just enjoy it. Don’t worry about stuff going wrong. Nobody will notice…promise!!! Have a wonderful day!!

  6. Have an amazing day Jess! The cliches are true, it really does go so fast but it will be the best day of your life! (You’re making me want to have my day all over again!) Congrats!! xx