A Modern Halloween

As much as I love pumpkin carving and fun halloween festivities (you can see the kind of pumpkins I carve here,) this year I have been hankering after something a bit more modern and in keeping with my usual decor. That way, I can use it as Autumnal decor for a little longer than the usual halloween week. I thought I would round up some ideas I have seen for different pumpkins and see what you guys are doing.

Owl Pumpkin // Mini-pumpkins as candle holders // Double dipped pumpkin // Gilded place cards // Chalk paint pumpkins // Gold glitter pumpkin candle holders // White vase pumpkin

So what do you think readers? Will you be carving a pumpkin this year or have I persuaded you to try something different?


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7 thoughts on “A Modern Halloween

  1. i LOVE these!

    I’m so sad not to be at home for some proper Halloween celebrations this year. It’s my favourite time of year, gutted to miss it! Will have to make up for it next year… or perhaps put EXTRA festive effort in at Christmas… 🙂

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