A Brief Solution…

With the advent of sheer jersey pieces (more on that elusive white t-shirt that’s neither too thick nor too see-through another time…) along with my love for a classic white shirt or silk tee, I find myself wearing nude seamless bras more and more these days. And that’s really not a sexy look.

Whilst I don’t advocate everyone prancing about trussed up in frilly fripperies of the undergarment variety every day, I do so hate getting undressed of an evening and feeling less than stylish as I peel my layers off. Yes, you can co-ordinate with matching briefs (Urgh, nude knickers?) but although they’re a necessity when wearing white linen trousers for example or some summer dresses, I prefer something a bit prettier to brighten my day up.

Of course you could go totally non-matching (I think neon block colours would work particularly well with nude bra’s) but I recently had a brain wave… how about mixing your nude bra’s with patterned knickers with a nude background or with neutrals as part of the pattern?

Accessorize Briefs all above £6 each.

The shop in which I had this little epiphany – don’t laugh, I’m taking this very seriously! was GAP, which is currently doing a great range of briefs in their GAP Body range. Thongs, standard briefs and boy short styles are all catered for, in comfy jersey or sheer chiffon.

*GAP Body range, £6 each.

So, on the days where nude bra’s are required, we no-longer have to work the ‘nude underwear’ look.

Try it out for yourself, it’s certainly raised a smile in my house 😉


PS. I have never owned leopard print underwear and never thought I would, but the Accessorize pair is just pleasantly kitsch enough to be cheeky rather than trashy. I’m easing myself into the trend. 😉

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