Friday Frock O’clock

It’s back! Friday Frock O’clock, after the outcry last week when we briefly omitted it for a Friday Film, is back in its rightful place. Don’t you worry, we won’t be doing that again in a hurry!

Have I ever told you that I love GAP? And I love it particularly in the winter.

My obsession with colour and the fact that I live in a (b$*ody freezing) Victorian house, means that their cheerful 100% wool knitwear is a must purchase every year for me… along with the body warmers, scarves, wool socks… I could go on 😉

So this week’s frock, is less ‘frock’ and more dress, but fabulous all the same and perfect for the windy weather.

I love the way they have layered this one up with extra woolies… it’s an overdose of cosy! And I’ll take the boots too please.

Did I mention GAP have 30% off instore and online until Sunday. Which makes this purchase a mere £39.16 from £55.95. Get your Christmas shopping done early… or in my case, treat yourself to some things 🙂

Happy Florence Friday Folks,


PS. I guarantee, I’ll be pulling the above pose when I’m wearing it too!

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14 thoughts on “Friday Frock O’clock

  1. I love Gap, so classic yet on trend. And I already have my 30% voucher printed off for tmrw! Small pre-Xmas gift to myself? Don’t mind if I do!


  2. I recently wandered into Gap for the first time in years and was amazed at how much nice stuff there was. Yes to knitwear! (and to 30% off) They have some awesome socks in at the moment too!


  3. I went to Gap and made the most of the 30% off just yesterday! Snapped up the cutest skirt, navy blue with little robins printed on it (written down it sounds like its for kids but promise its lovely!) – perfect friday work wear!

  4. they do great scarves for men if anyone’s looking for boy-friendly xmas presents, too. I got my husband a lush navy and white striped one two years ago… 100% wool, it’s really comfy (may or may not be wearing it today 😉

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