9 months with Bea

Bea is 10 months tomorrow so I’m a little behind with these posts – I must catch up before she gets to One! The last 2 months have been so much fun, despite my being back at work, as Bea is becoming more and more of an interactive little person.

We’ve been lucky enough to be getting around and meeting blog friends recently and made a trip up to Scotland to see Roz in Glasgow and met up with Kirsty too. Bea loved meeting the babies and her tour of the forever house then topped off the visit by waving for the very first time at Kirsty!

Since crawling, life has been all about moving for Bea. Toys are no longer of interest and instead she’s all about handles, plugs, wires, radiator valves and anything else inappropriate. She’s moved on really quickly from crawling to pulling up at 35 weeks; Only 2 weeks later and she was standing in her cot and we had to lower the cot base. We’ve covered all the plugs with child proof socket covers but theres still a lot to do to baby proof the house and we just try to make sure there’s nothing for her to hurt herself on around on the floor.

Bea has never been a babbly baby, and in fact when other babies were ba ba ba-ing Bea was still quiet, just doing occasional shouty noises. Around 36 weeks though everything changed and chattering was the order of the day. She started making ‘Bwa’ sounds over and over and over and chattering back to you if you repeated them back to her 🙂

It didn’t take long before her repertoire of noises was improved however, now we have Ca ca ca… too!

I’ll leave it there before I fall asleep or encroach on the next month, do share your stories of where you’re at with your little ones if you have them!


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One thought on “9 months with Bea

  1. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. We are 32 weeks now and its all go. Interestingly, I have noticed a decline in how quickly things are coming physically – we had a few weeks where crawling was the major focus. Now she can get from A to B its like she’s switched her focus and is now interested in people and noises. She is still trying to get up and is developing in an interest in looking up but only in an inquisitive “why have you put the TV remote up there” rather than as a I’m going to stand type of way. This week, since we saw you, its been about noises. It feels like she’s making a new noise everyday. All of them accompanied by a ridiculous amount of spit.

    Can you please do a post on child proofing – what IS the deal with electric socket covers? And any recommendations for French door gates? I’d like to leave the doors open to the garden for the fresh air but with a gate in the way so she doesn’t get lost in the shrubbery (or more likely in London, eaten by a fox)

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