8 months with Bea…

Whoa. Where is the time going? I went back to work days before Bea was 8 months and as I write, we are approaching 9 months. Fast. I want to just hit pause sometimes!

Somewhere around 7 months it seems like we entered a whole new phase with Bea. The one where she never. stays. still. The big news this month was the beginning of crawling… but even before that she was rolling, spinning and wriggling anywhere she wanted to go within one room. We were on the edge of crawling for so long and still I was always convinced she was about to do it, but we weren’t really sure when to say she had. So many developmental things she has done were instant, sudden smiles one day, suddenly sitting on another. Crawling has been much more of a gradual progression from rolling around, to spinning on her belly, all the yoga moves of getting some air and lifting herself up, commando crawling around, then suddenly she used her hands too and was off… she was 34 weeks or just short of 8 months.

It’s been another really rubbish month of sleep too. For the first time, the developmental leap surrounding her learning to crawl wreaked havoc and when she turned over at night she got straight up onto her knees then seemed to wake up disorientated and crying. Only feeding settled her back down. Bea came down with another horrible cold on Mothers day – by far her worst yet, she actually had her first temperature and was thick with snot for the best part of 2 weeks. That meant after 2 nights of sleeping through again after the crawling settled, we were back to being up several times a night. After having moved her out in to the nursery we set up the travel cot in our room again as I couldn’t cope with getting up so many times to the nursery and we fell into co-sleeping habits to allow for soothing feeding back to sleep and a bit more shut eye for me. At the end of month 8 and unfortunately with me now back at work, things were better but not massively and we’re still up 2-3 times a night. :/

Since then, Bea has got a whole lot busier. She is speeding around the room, following me out of the rooms and into other rooms, like a little shadow. She’s interested in everything except the toys you place in front of her, particularly wires, dirty shoes, ornaments and every hazardous item I fail to remove in advance of her roving crawl!

So how are things with you mama’s out there? Have a lovely weekend everyone!


7 months, 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months and the first month with Bea.

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10 thoughts on “8 months with Bea…

  1. I love these updates. We are week 27 now so it also reminds me to flick back and see what you guys were upto. We are also on the move but like you, it’s been a gradual progression from spinning to pulling ourselves forward shuffle style. We’re still waiting for the fast paced crawling on all fours. We’re moving at the end of May and I was hoping to avoid having to baby proof here before we move but no chance! She already has discovered that she loves to suck on the playstation cables. Cables plus moving baby plus teeth equals eyes in the back of my head.

    I’m loving this stage though. It feels like she’s a proper chatty little person now and is just so much fun to hang around with. She finds the most insane thing fascinating….she can spend ten minutes looking at a photo on the wall or twisting around and around looking at an old box if I’m carrying her and her line of vision changes.

    I love Bea’s outfits. We are mainly doing rompers and bloomers. Lots of bloomers. Gap, JL and M & S mainly. What about you guys?

  2. See you have wooden floors, just wondering how you are finding them now she’s on the move. We are just decorating the nursery and trying to decide if the nice white painted floorboards in there are really going to be practical.(though suspect our whole house with its lovely fireplaces, Victorian tiled floors and wooden floors will be one whole nightmare this time next year)

    • Hi Amy!
      Yes we have wooden floors in the hall and Karndean in the Kitchen (vinyl tiles) then wood in the nursery too – with a rug but not a thick one! I think it depends, I’m pretty relaxed about her wobbling backwards from sitting and bumping her head, it’s going to happen (and frequently does) but you can’t bubble wrap them and you’re absolutely right, Victorian houses are a nightmare in so many ways, as are all homes I suspect! The flip side is that carpet doesn’t cope with sick/food/worse bodily fluids on it well either! 😉

  3. I feel your pain!
    My son is just coming up to 11 months now and even though he mostly sleeps through now he wakes up at 5am every day!
    I knew having a newborn meant sleepless nights but certainly was not prepared for a year of disprupted sleep. Good job their cute!

  4. Another lovely update post Rebecca! I have a 10 week old boy, Jasper, so love to hear about what the future may hold!

    Like Becca I’d be really interested to hear where you buy the gorgeous Bea’s clothes. I try to dress Jasper in brights and prints as much as possible but find it hard as the main shops are full of navy blue, tractors and cars for little boys! I’d happily dress him in many of the prints in the girl sections! I’m hoping you know of some amazing online shops that will have the answer… Xx

  5. Aww that last photo. Just beautiful!
    G is 10 months now and finally sleeping(-does a little dance) but month of March was horrendous for us. Teething, plus cold, plus developmental leap associated with getting on the move meant he woke between 4 and 10 times a night for 4 weeks in a row. His daddy and I were totally broken. I had too take him to my parents house and they kindly did the night settling for a couple of nights just to break the cycle. They were life savers. I’m not sure what made the difference but I think the resolution of the above plus dropping the dream feed ( which was never really a dream feed as he always woke for it) helped. I think perhaps the ‘dream feed’ confused him as he couldn’t work out why I would feed him then but not at other times when he woke. Anyway he’s been much better for the last week, and last night for the first time ever in 10 1/2 months we didn’t have to go in at all between 7.15 last night and 6.15 this morning. Result!
    He also more mobile so probably more tired. He missed out the crawling step and went straight to pulling up and cruising round furniture. He finally started crawling when he realised he needed to get to something to pul himself up. In the space of 6 weeks he’s gone from stationary to walking only holding one hand. He definately find carpet easier than wooden floors but can manage the floors just fine with bare feet or socks with grippy bits on the bottom.
    Now I’m just hoping the sleeping doesn’t regress again….

  6. So, clothes…
    We mainly shop in Next, GAP, M&S and Zara – the latter is my fav but it’s pricey and the sizes are small (which works in our favour,)
    I like the preppy stuff in GAP and it’s often less ‘girly’ and pink!
    Next does great bright colours and prints but can be hard to find the good stuff amongst the pretty and pink.
    Zara is really gorgeous, a bit quirky and ‘fashiony’ too – she has a gorgeous infinity scarf from there that has starts on – I bought it to keep the back of her neck warm in the sling but it looks awesome on. 🙂
    I think M&S is good quality and usually has some bright and fun stuff too, although I don’t rate their vests – the neck seems to really stretch.
    We also buy Primark sleep suits and vests, and have bought the odd bit in Tesco and The White Company.

    Outfits above are: (Top to toe)
    31 weeks – All M&S
    32 weeks – GAP jumper, Next leggings, M&S shoes (her first!)
    33 weeks – GAP dress, Next tights
    34 weeks – Zara jumper, The White Co bloomer trousers (now too short!) Next tights and Primark £2 sunglasses!

    • Thanks Rebecca, that’s really helpful! For some reason I hadn’t clicked that Zara sold baby clothes and it looks like they have some beautiful bits. We may have to go up a size though… Despite being a titch, I’ve managed to make a long chubby chops!

  7. I love reading about how Bea is doing – she’s such a little love! It’s helping to cheer me up whilst I’m in bed suffering awful morning (all day and night) sickness. Your post is helping me remember that there is a nice pay off at the end. Thanks and keep them coming!

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