6 months with Bea…

Bea @22 weeks Copyright FlorenceFinds.com

Last time I wrote about my time with Bea, we had had a very rough month but things were looking up. Month 6 was a month of two halves. The first half glorious and fun, the second slightly more trying! 😉

A fun family selfie taken on New Years day

After all the drama of having the lounge re-done before Christmas, I made a pact with myself – no more work on the house before my maternity leave finishes in March. I wanted to enjoy every last moment with Bea as I really felt I’d almost lost a month with her while the work was going on. As soon as Christmas was over I really started enjoying things, and after her bad run of nap trouble things seemed to settle. I accepted that in fact, Bea was getting the vast majority of her sleep overnight and didn’t need much in the day, and she settled into a 3 (short) naps a day routine. I was really sad in a way when 2015 dawned as 2014 had brought us so much joy. We were no longer in the year Bea was born in!

Her growing up is becoming so much fun though! Like everything, her first few laughs were few and far between but now I can make her to laugh, pulling funny faces and being silly – all the things I never thought I’d do.

At 25 weeks, Bea spent the whole week sucking in her bottom lip and making her lovely little mouth into a tight line, whilst making noises like her lips had been sellotaped shut – just another phase, but an amusing one! It was put to an end by her first proper cold which seems to have been the prompt for everything to go wrong in the sleep department too!

Bea @25 weeks Copyright FlorenceFinds.com

First we had a few nights of waking several times between bedtime around 7 and her dream feed at 10-11. Then we had a couple of nights of waking up in the early morning around 6ish, although fortunately going back to sleep. Then a week or so of waking in the night again, a couple of times each night. This latter pattern was caused by her cold and a cough which kept waking her up and it was pretty miserable watching her feeling so sorry for herself, not to mention exhausting. I know I shouldn’t complain but there doesn’t seem to be anything worse than having a baby who sleeps less than they were doing previously – I wondered how I ever managed when she was tiny! Once again, I’m none the wiser as to why it all happened, but it stopped as suddenly as it started.

Bea @26 weeks Copyright FlorenceFinds.com

The end of the month and her 25th week reached a peak with us starting weaning! We decided to go baby-led and started just before she was 6 months – it was the weekend and convenient for Pete to enjoy too. I’m going to write a full post about it soon, but it has been so much fun so far. 🙂 She really does get more any more enjoyable every day!

How are those of you with babies all getting on then?


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4 thoughts on “6 months with Bea…

  1. Looking forward to your BLW post; we’re about to start with Mateo and I’m so excited. You’re right, this is such a lovely age. Now if we could just crack sleep… We’re still on between 1-5 wake ups/night here. Exhausting!

  2. Like you, we have been hit by a cold here. And unfortunately, teething has hit us hard too. We are all the red cheeks, frantic earpulling, chewing (and more recently frantically rubbing everything on her gums) and yes, lots of sleepless nights.

    We have just gone through the sleep regression too so way to hit us all at once. Our naps have always been pretty consistent with one long two hour nap midday and two smaller 30-40 minute catnaps either side but it hit us hard in our night sleeping. Hard. There were some nights where I got an hour the whole night and, similarly again, E has always been a good sleeper so It was actually worse than her newborn days and I felt like I had been hit with a truck.

    The best thing has seen her developing this month. She seems to learn something new each day and we did our first front to back roll at the end of January and our first back to front yesterday! She is also looking and reaching for her favourite toy (irritatingly it’s the one that plays the loudest most horrific music) and she likes bashing away the keys and watching them light up. One thing I did notice with the sleep regression was that she was less vocal during that period…..lots less chatter and she isn’t a particularly giggly baby despite me laughing like a hyena at her. Likewise, she isn’t blowing raspberries but when I do just looks at me as if to say ‘really Mummy?!’. A look she has clearly mastered from her Daddy!

    Yes to a weaning post! Soon!

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