Feeling Blue…

Despite the fact that our new kitchen is still several weeks off being usable, I have already found myself thinking about the finishing touches. Aside from the pretty things, on a more practical level I want to add to our current dinner service.

We currently have 2 sets of plates and bowls, our wedding set of Sophie Conran for Portmerion table and serve ware in a ten person setting, and a bog standard square white set for 4 that was from John Lewis. The idea is that we use the set of four day to day so the wedding set doesn’t get hammered, but so we don’t end up saving the Portmerion for absolute best if there are ever more than just the two of us, we get out the good stuff.

Restoration tableware, John Lewis // Indigo Dinner plate, M&S // Indigo serving bowl, M&S // Lascari Stoneware, Anthropologie //Coastal Tableware, John Lewis // 12 Piece lombard dining set, M&S // Denby Bloom Stoneware, Debenhams //Jardin des Plants dinnerware, Anthropologie

In reality, with Francesca being with us, we have used the Portmerion a lot more and it has made me realise that when we are a family of 3, with regular visitors, we are going to need more of the everyday stuff to avoid using the Sophie Conan every day. I prefer seeing my food against white plates, but because our island eating area will be white I like the idea of a bit of contrast. Given my current obsession with blue, I thought a slim blue rimmed set would be nice. There are so many blue and white sets around right now however that a pick and mix, mix and match would be easy to do if you were so inclined and very stylish.

So readers, what do you think? Are you fans of white plates or do you like a bit of contrast on your dinner table?


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7 thoughts on “Feeling Blue…

  1. We have the John Lewis Coastal set and I LOVE it. It replaced a plain white one we had which got battered and broken, and this one is so much fresher somehow. Recommended!

  2. We are just about to buy the Coastal range and one of the reasons I love it is because it is bright white. And it reminds me of holidays. We were bought some pieces from the Portmerion range as a house warming gift and then added to it with our wedding list. However we stuck to the serving dishes as weren’t sure what the ridged plates would be like to eat off…? Having spent many a spare minute standing in John Lewis with the two ranges next to each other I can confirm they don’t look too bad together either which is a relief.

  3. Thats a lot of love for Coastal! I realised I hadn’t included it in the image by accident but it is all updated now. I do like the ribbed texture along with the blue edge.

    Gemma – The ridges don’t bother me at all, I have never noticed them when eating! We have it all, dinner and serve ware and I imagine it would mix and match well – we haven’t done that but I had it in mind that you could because it is white. x

  4. I also love blue & white, so went for Cornishware for our everyday set. We also have lots of their lovely chinaware and things on our dresser, which I love. I really like the country/sea-sidey look, and they make a nice change from Emma Bridgewater, which I love, but is quite ubiquitous x

  5. We have blue and white crockery too – a Denby range which is sturdy enough to withstand (most of) my clumsiness. Did you see the recent study which showed that food is more appetising/tempting when served on a blue plate?

  6. If I were in the market for blue & white china, I’d have to rob the nearest bank and head to Royal Copenhagen to do a bit of mixing and matching of the big and small pattern along with the plain white….
    I grew up with this pattern in the kitchen – it was my Mum & Dad’s everyday set (a wedding gift) and it holds so many memories for me. I do wonder if our current everyday plain cream ribbed set will hold as many memories for our daughter when she’s older? Maybe pattern is the way forward when it comes to sentimentality!

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