11 months with Bea

Tomorrow Bea turns one, so expect all kinds of sentimental reflective writing coming up over the next couple of weeks. I have so much to share on a year of sleep, feeding, fun and love. But first, I need to squeeze this monthly update in before it seems old hat and irrelevant.

Developmentally, between 10 and 11 months was massive, in fact every month feels like that now! Lots of things she has been practising for a long time seem to have finally clicked into place. She can stack the wooden tower of rainbow rings we have and the way she looks so pleased with herself is priceless. Another favourite is zooming around pushing the walker we bought her, although she hasn’t quite mastered turning!

We had our first nights away from Daddy as I went on a work course in the Lake District and totally chickened on leaving Bea behind. I used the excuse that we are still feeding, but really I don’t think I could have left her! My mum came to help looking after her in the day while I went to the workshops and Bea joined us on a walk that was part of it too!

Bea is also becoming more and more sociable and interested in children. It started with getting excited when she went past the park in the pram with my mum and now if she is in a room with other children or passes them anywhere she is so desperate to interact – it’s so cute!

Lastly, we had a little staycation, which was so lovely. We had things to do during it but spending every day as a family together was so much fun. Our usual routine involves us switching off a lot in the week as Pete works late on Mondays and Fridays and I work late 2 of the other days so being together as a 3 is precious time. Bea chose that week to stand up by herself, (she had been cruising for a while but this was unaided,) which was pretty exciting too!

We will be having a birthday fun day tomorrow, do follow along on Instagram, and I’ll be back on Wednesday 🙂

How are you and your littles getting on?


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6 thoughts on “11 months with Bea

  1. Happy Birthday Bea!!! Can’t believe it’s been a year! My little one is 21 months now…I have no idea how that happened!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow!


  2. Wow a year old! Don’t forget tomorrow is a special day for us Mum’s too!
    My eldest had her last day at pre school on Friday and it literally seems like just yesterday I was preparing for her 1st birthday and now come September she will be starting School and my littlest will be starting Pre School….and I will be a sobbing mess wondering what to do with my new found time!
    Enjoy tomorrow and your beautiful girl!

  3. Hair ribbon adore-athon.

    And Happy Birthday Miss Bea you clever sausage! How quickly time is going….**sob**

    I feel like its hard to keep up with E at the minute. She’s moving on her walker but falls to her knees to move it at speed as its a better height for her. Incidentally, I’m looking for a much taller walker (we have the v-tech one which is 46cm if anyone can recommend a taller one?). The downside is that this leap is seriously costing us sleep. It took almost two hours last night to keep putting her down from standing. Exhausted.

    The best thing at the minute is her learning word associations. She now waves at “hello”, “bye-bye” and “night-night” and claps if we say “clever girl” or “clap clap”. Like Bea, she can do “tall” and “hooray” although my absolute favourite is the serious look she gives us when we say “no” and she shakes her head.

    Will be checking in on instagram tomorrow. Hope you have a love and fun filled family day x x x x

  4. I love your posts- bea is such a happy little girl! Happy birthday! Can I ask where you got the walker, looks great and bea is definitely enjoying pushing it around!

    • It’s Ikea – was about £20 – I must say, *they don’t recommend walkers anymore for safety, but I don’t see an issue if you are supervising your child. This one is light and tends to tip – hence the bag of flour in it but now it’s a bit weighted and she is sure on her feet, it’s safe enough!

      (*No idea who ‘they’ is, it’s just what I’m told!)

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