10 months with Bea…

Whoa, ten months. Seriously, time is flying and it feels like she will be One already any minute. (Edit: I’m a little behind with these and in fact she will be One very soon, sob sob!)

As you can see from these photo’s, Bea’s mobility has gone to a whole other level. Gone are the days of me taking cute photos of her lying down in pretty outfits every week! Just before she reached 10 months Bea scaled the steps of our decking and she now climbs the stairs to bed every night (with us keeping a watchful eye and ready hand behind her!) She pulls up on everything and by the end of the month had started cruising too.

I won’t lie, it is tiring, but if it wasn’t for safety, I could leave her to entertain herself for hours. Toys aren’t getting a look in these days, now it’s all about radiators, wires, plug sockets, random bits of fluff or grit on the floor (cue crazy cleaning efforts daily from me,) the cats food bowl… you name it, if I don’t want her playing with it, she makes a Bea-line. 😉

Bea is talking more now and expanding her range of sounds. I think Cat (or ‘Ca!’) is her first word, used accurately for our cats, but also for all animals in general. Of course Daddy thinks Dada is the first one, but I’m not entirely convinced it’s used in context yet 😉

This months big achievement was clapping! I know lots of babies do it sooner but Bea just hadn’t tried at all, then one day I returned from work and it was the thing to be doing. 😉 She pretty much hasn’t stopped since! Mum has also taught her to put her hands in the air when we say ‘SO BIG!’ – so cute. Their days together are lovely – I think she has been tiring my mum out but Mum does things with her I wouldn’t think of and I love hearing them laughing (Bea gets quite hysterical,) over something I have no idea about when I’m in the other room.

I’ll be squeezing another of these posts in next week because the week after, Bea is 1! Expect lots of nostalgic reflective and mushy posts while I mourn my tiny baby and celebrate my cheeky toddler 😉

Where are all you mama’s and babies at right now?


PS 9 months, 8 Months, 7 months, 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months and the first month with Bea.

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10 thoughts on “10 months with Bea…

  1. So gorgeous! I love her cheeky expression. Could you maybe do a post on child proofing with style? I am confused about what to do ad what not! Plug sockets and cupboard locks obviously, but what else?

    Silvia is sixteen weeks today and totally adorable. She has her own little personality and has started reaching out to be picked up, usually with a big grin. It makes my heart hurt.

    • Lucy, to be honest, we haven’t gone mad on the child proofing. IN fact the only thing we have is plug socket covers. Our bedroom is probably the most childproofed – everything is out of the way there, but after talking to lots of other mums I took the view that there is danger everywhere (we live in an old house and can’t do anything about the marble fire hearth for example, wood and tiled floors. We don’t have stair gates and we are teaching her to climb up them, down will be next! I just make sure I know where she is, which is almost with me anyway. It might sound a bit scary, but I’m not afraid of her getting little bumps and I’d rather teach her to be stair safe – in my experience it’s 3 year olds not concentrating that fall down the stairs as you’re not watching them as much later. HOpe I don’t eat my words on this in future!

  2. We’re at 8 months now. We’ve got such a chilled out, happy boy I still can’t quite believe he’s mine! He loves his clapping and he’s on the verge of crawling but hasn’t quite put the moves together yet! I’m making plans to return to work with a much less heavy heart now we’re moving house. I’ll be 5 minutes walk from both my parents and sister who’ll be helping me with childcare. No nursery needed yet! I’m looking forward to how much time he’ll be spending with his cousin, who is 8 weeks older.

  3. Glad you’ve posted this as we have just hit 39 weeks on Monday. Like Bea, she’s all over the shop. She does the stairs now (I found her half way up them a few weeks ago….whoa!) and she’s pulling herself up and starting to move from piece of furniture to furniture. She does prefer to be on her knees though so kind of does a knee shuffle rather than on her feet. I wonder if her height has anything to do with it? The last few days have seen her pushing her walker around but again, on her knees rather than on her feet!

    I think she’s starting to understand certain words – she waves when we say goodbye, hello or goodnight but mainly at me, rather than at the person who is leaving or arriving. And she shakes her head when we say “No” which is just the cutest thing in the world. We haven’t had any actual words yet – there is much m and d noises but nothing in context here either!

    We have seen the arrival of our 8th tooth which has impacted on sleep again. And we had some gastroenteritis in the hottest week of the year (so dehydration and refusal to drink any water). So the last few weeks have been hard.

    Nap wise, she seems to be dropping her first nap which…sucks. She screams MURDER to go down in her cot after breakfast but then won’t sleep. She now has one main nap just after lunch. It does make her cranky by bedtime but she seems to have fallen into it without us doing anything and, as its the routine they follow at nursery, I’m a bit reluctant to fight against it. Hope you are getting more sleep?

    Love how the shoes are on the chair!

    • Ha ha – out of reach… for about 30 seconds until she pulls them down which is what she was doing in this picture 😉

      Sleep is much better, we’re having a bit of an issue right now as bedtime seems to be getting later and harder work – but there could be lots of reasons for that and making it earlier seems to have helped… maybe she was going past it.

      We have had a vomiting bug too (Bea has anyway,) but recovered quickly. And Bea shakes her head too – I try not to say NO!

  4. She really does look like she’s into everything and what a beautiful cheeky expression in some of these photos.

    I’m just starting. My little boy is just 9 days old but already it feels like time is flying so fast! I spent all of Monday saying “how has it been a week?!”

  5. Oh my goodness where to start! My son, Eran is 5, and I’m so sad that he’s growing up so fast! I loved all aspects of pregnancy and strangely enough I had a fabulous birth! (delivered @ 34wks!) so was less than 4lb.
    Easy peasy I her to say 😉

    But on a more serious note, I soak up so many things my son has or is doing, I want him to remember that he was and always will be very much loved. And for him to know how complete he makes Daddy and I.
    We couldn’t ask for a better child. So, here we are in Reception at Primary school and I’m gobsmacked at the time or should that be how fast time seems to go?
    I now know and understand when people said to me when Eran was born, ‘enjoy him whilst he’s small, they grow so quickly!’

  6. My son is 3 in October. He is a bundle of energy. He never stops except to eat! He has really good speech so we have a lot of fun answering his questions and explaining everything from how Mr muscle drain unblocker works to who “made” mummy and daddy! It’s just crazy how fast the time has gone and our baby is now a little boy…maybe we should start thinking about number 2!

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