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Well, it wouldn’t be January without a bit of a spring clean now would it?

When Florence Finds was just a twinkle in my eye and I started designing the site I had no idea if it would be successful, if I would blog once or twice a day, what subjects I would be covering and how they would best be categorised. From experience I know that it’s better to watch and wait and see how things pan out, than to commit to something you either grow out of or want to change later, so that’s what I did. I know myself from reading blogs that a well organised blog is essential, it makes things so much more user friendly, so as soon as I had a broad idea of how things were working out I wanted to update my ‘filing system’. The menu bar that is ;)

As of today, you will see that if you hover over the menu bar categories, a drop down menu appears. I’ve sifted through the posts already and made some changes to how they are categorised, to try and make it clearer for you to find things, for example the recipes from each weeks Friday Food are now divided into Breakfast, Light bites (or lunch) Dinner, Dessert and Baking. I hope you like it!

You’ll also see that I have added a couple of pages to the right hand side bar. Now, as well as reading about Florence herself and my inspiration behind the site, and getting my contact details in Find Florence, there is also a submissions page and a page dedicated to all the fabulous bloggers and friends of mine that regularly contribute to make Florence Finds what it is.

Now you can find out more about Florence’s regular contributors and follow them elsewhere on the web with their web and twitter links.

I’m particularly proud of the submissions page. It should clearly explain what you have to do to get involved with Florence Finds and exactly where I warmly welcome contributions. It’s really important to me that Florence Finds is diverse and appeals to as many people as possible and your contributions really make this possible so please go and have a nosey then think about how you can get involved.

Of course, I want you to keep up to date with Florence Finds in as many ways as humanly possible – I wouldn’t want you to miss out! So I’m going to take this opportunity to point out the pre-existing Twitter and Facebook links in the right hand side column. In case you didn’t know already, the RSS button below allows you to subscribe to Florence Finds in your reader if you should so desire, and I’m working on getting an email sign up form added in so you can also subscribe to a weekly round up and news letter.

What is new to that section however is the Amazon link. Click on it and you will be taken to the Florence Finds store on Amazon where you can find all of the music, books and films featured on the site, along with my favourite recommendations, design books for example. This will be regularly updated with my latest finds to help you with your gift buying and shopping dilemmas. The things sold in the Florence Finds Amazon shop are not sold by me, however this is an affiliate link, which means I earn a small percentage commission by referring you to Amazon. Of course, if that offends you you are free to visit Amazon directly instead :) At present, any commission I gain is small and goes towards the running costs of Florence Finds alone.

So, that’s it for now I think! I’d love to hear if you like the changes, small though they are. As always, your thoughts are really important to the site and it’s development, so fire away!


8 thoughts on “What’s new at Florence Finds…

  1. Hey, lurker here but I have been following FF since your RMW departure. Love the changes,makes everything very easy to find. It is missing one thing though…..on RMW there was the ‘home page’ which showed all posts no matter what the category and they then filtered into the sub category. For me (and it may be because I’m reading from a iPad) when I open FF it takes me to the fashion page! I then have to go into all the tabs to see if new posts which I find a bit annoying. Would be fab to have a rolling home page which had all the new posts and then they go into sub categories after…..just something to think about!

    Loving FF, think your doing a fabulous job.

    Shooey x x

    • Hi Shooey!

      Thats very strange indeed and doesn’t happen for me on the iPad – are you checking daily? Not just co-incidentally when I’m doing fashion! Only other thing I can imagine is have you bookmarked the link to http://www.florencefinds.com/fashion instead of just florencefinds.com?

      Let me know and hopefully we can get it sorted, that must be so annoying! (Thanks for sticking with me!)


  2. Doh! Thanks Rebecca you are right I had bookmarked the fashion page! Thanks for your help and please hurry up and post the finished front room redecoration project – I’m desperate to see what you have done with all shades grey.

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