What to Wear: The Sequin Skirt

I have been looking for the perfect sequin skirt for what feels like years and certainly the search has spanned 3 seasons or more. Then this little beauty pops up in Topshop for a bargain £48.

Shirt, GAP (similar here) // Skirt, Topshop // Shoes, Marks and Spencer //

I love sequin skirts… they seem so right just now. I love the way people wear them contrasted with very ordinary everyday textures like this GAP chambray polka dot skirt, or later in the season I’ll be wearing it with a chunky knit.

It held instant bonus points for being in the colour of the season… Oxblood, but we’ll talk more about that soon. For now, I’m happy I found exactly what I wanted, in a colour that goes with more other items than it seems it would and that I’ll easily be wearing from now, all though the Christmas celebrations and when I get fed up and need a bit of sparkle in my life through the depths of the winter months.

I whacked some heels on with this for Sunday lunch with the in-laws, but it looks equally good with my leopard print flats, or black suede boots too.

What do you think readers? Anybody else purchased it or want an early dose of festive sparkle?


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9 thoughts on “What to Wear: The Sequin Skirt

  1. Ooooooooh. I’m not normally a red-wearer but this oxblood trend has sucked me in. But saying that, you had me at “sequin”

    Pay day Friday – I think this is a lunchtime purchase…. Envisaging a roll neck, some ankle boots and a chunky turquoise piece of statement jewellery….

    Thank you FF! After a hideous fortnight of sleepless nights, it feels good to have my head full of outfit planning again, and not presentation notes! 🙂

  2. Love it! Fab colour! I recently bought a grey/green knee length one from M&S – been looking for one that’s past the crotch for ages! All the ones I’ve seen have been minis and I was gutted to miss out on the gorgeous knee length H&M mermaid green beauty but they only had 8s left when I saw it!

  3. Loving oxblood right now. Having red hair this is a shade of red I can get on board with! Bought tights and a dress in it last week 🙂 This skirt looks lovely, unfortunately my tummy isn’t flat enough for pencil skirts, gym calling!!

  4. Oooh! Oxblood! Now there’s a colour I get can behind for winter! As I’m preggers I won’t be buying this beauty, but I can imagine what I’d pair it with if I did, right? For me it would definitely be other reds and browns in a variety of textures. Chocolate brown boots, linen top, sweater, knee length coat and a big scarf. I’m not a sequinny person usually (it may have something to do with the tendency for sequin to be paired with ‘micro skirt’, as Bex says!) but at this length and paired with other similar hues and wintry textures, I’m in!

  5. Oooh, I love this. Shall add it to my list of purchases. I saw a lovely muted gold one in Monsoon the other day, too. You can never have too many sequins though, right?


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