What to Wear – The PenDo Edition

This morning, I thought I’d do a what to wear with a difference… This is what real women wear. Women that I’m proud to call my friends.

Last weekend I went away for the night to Leeds for the long-awaited Do-of-Pen. Penny, our music guru here at Florence Finds, had organised a meet up for some lovely ladies who chat on Twitter and when the day dawned, of course, it was all about what to wear. I often go for fashion forward choices in my own what to wear posts, partly because I love to experiment, but partly because I feel obliged to practise what I preach. However, that doesn’t stop me from looking forward to every night out to see what people are wearing and this one was no exception! I thought I’d do a round up of what everyone else wore and maybe it would give you some ideas on how to switch up your accessories, make an unexpected colour pairing or just provide a damn good nosey!

The outfits are in colour order, as we (unintentionally) created a fabulous rainbow, of colour (and personalities) that worked beautifully together 🙂

Anna (Any Other Wedding)

  • French Connection nude dress
  • Black tights
  • Feather necklace – similar here
  • Black heels – similar from Zara

Penny (Bad Penny Says)

  • Pink dress, (similar at ASOS)
  • Leather jacket – similar at H&M
  • Unicorn earrings. Yes, Penny is that cool.

Me: (The only one I have a photo of and it wasn’t taken on the night!) Remember the Friday Frock? Check in here for the dress details and the tights are Topshop, finished with Mac’s ‘Lady Danger’ orange-red lipstick and orange nails.


Kirsty (A Safe Mooring)

  • Red Dress – H&M
  • Pink Tights – H&M
  • Glitter Boots – New Look (Now out of stock)

Gemma (Prettiest Hobo)

Bex (Olive Dragonfly)

  • Green Dress – Oasis
  • Glitter boots – as above.
  • Earrings – A wedding gift but find similar at Carat

Amy (Field and Fallow)

  • Turquoise dress
  • Yes, that is a bow, and yes, it was worn in Amy’s waist length hair, a la Gaga! Courtesy of Gemma’s hair skillz.
  • Leopard flats

Laura (A Parliament of Owls)

  • Zig Zag beaded bag
  • Navy asymmetrical dress
  • Nude patent platform heels
  • Crowned with FAB-ulous hair we were all frankly jealous of.

Lucy (Lucy Stendall)

  • Black dress with beaded neck detail. get the look on your LBD by adding a statement beaded bib necklace like this one.
  • Lucy’s look was all about the glamour – very Audrey Hepburn: Red lip and liner flick.

So ladies, we’re going to do a SATC-esque commenting effort now… which lady are you?


PS Manchester next?

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39 thoughts on “What to Wear – The PenDo Edition

  1. Ooooooh, probably one of my fave FF posts!!

    Which am I? Hard to say as I bought/tried on/bought but sadly returned four of the above dresses! Great minds think alike (or fools never differ, as a wise friend also says!)

    I adore how you lined up in colour order as well. What a snap!

    Excellent work ladies of blog land! 🙂

  2. Wow. Rebecca, I love what you have done here. Although you have made it a bit too easy to copy these 9 looks (and now I want to own all the outfits).

    I’m a big fan of pink and love my whistles leather jacket – and am now really coveting those unicorn earrings!

    Happy Thursday ladies.

  3. I’d have to say my fave look is the one for Bex and im now coveting that green and black dress. Big time. May just go and check it out now on Oasis…


  4. It’s like we’re the Spice Girls!! This has made me go a bit giddy and I’ve actually just emailed my mum the link. True story. I am definitely coveting Gemma’s look…I nearly dribbled on her shoes on the night and now I WANT the dress!


  5. Genius post Rebecca! Love it. You all look fabulous, but if I had to choose a favourite look it would be penny’s, loving those tights!


  6. AMAZING! Everyone look so fabulous. I’d have been the oddball, I would never have thought of a dress, it would have been grey trousers, pink top, and favourite black heels.

    Rebecca, if you do arrange a Manchester meet up, can we have a dress code, pretty please, so that I have a small chance of getting it right?

    I don’t want to be the one, taking the photo, as I don’t fit in with everyone else’s style.


      • Hahaha! I’d have had to be left out, it would have been embarrassing. As Rebecca goes, this poor fitting New Look top circa 2003…!! And this Argos necklace circa 1997…


  7. Love this, but so hard to choose my favourite!!

    At a push… I’d have to go with Gemma’s outfit. Loving the green dress -just gorgeous. And teamed with a Bayswater? Even better.


    • In the interests of full disclosure I should also add that the bayswater is like, the only nice bag (or indeed thing) I own and it’s a bit big for a night out, I had been planning to wear different shoes and take a battered old silver clutch that used to belong to my grandma, but I could find it in the morning when I was packing for Pendo. My husband wanted to know who I was ‘out to impress’!

  8. I love this! As I said on AOW, you’re all so impossibly stylish. It’d be unnerving if you didn’t all seem so incredibly nice aswell!

    I think I’m a cross between Anna K and Rebecca. Except altogether less glamourous than either of them!

    K x

  9. In awe of the complete stylishness of everyone – great outfits! I think I’m going to have to completely steal Gemma’s look however and buy that green dress right now – it’s just gorgeous.

    • The thing about that dress which is truly awesome is that you can wash it in the machine at 30, and then it dries in about 3 minutes. and @katie – I doubt we’ll have a dress code but grey trousers, pink top and fav black heels sounds like a totes rockin look to me… and had you worn it you’d have slotted in very nicely at the reds end of the rainbow spectrum! I might add that the trick to making an ensemble look stylish is the way Rebecca has put it together on here by using the promo pics… I do have brown hair but that’s where my likeness to the model in the green dress begins and ends!

      • Thanks Gemma. I preferred you in the green dress, to the model. Really I did. I’d never have thought to put a belt with it. Your accessories are perfectly chosen.

        • I’ve done it. Couldn’t resist it any more. (although annoyingly couldn’t find it on their site yesterday when there was a promo code, grrr)

          • Oh, Amy – the code is still valid today! Is it too late? (I’m just doing the same thing and happened to see the code mentioned on the front page…)

  10. Ha ha this is AMAZING! The hilarious thing is, I’m not sure I would even choose myself – I was obsessed with Rebecca’s tights, and I actually already have Gemma’s dress but in another colour and I love it. I did quite enjoy rocking those pink tights, though…

  11. hmmmmm, I’m thinking I am perhaps a Lucy or a Bex love both of those outfits, you all look fab in the piccy. Please please please release the Manchester date soon, I can’t make the London one as I am doing my first date as The Little Wedding Genie at a wedding fayre (excited/nervous shrieks) wish me luck and really really would love to catch up in Manchestter xx

  12. Yo yo ladies!

    Glad you’re all enjoying it. 🙂

    So, I reckon I could be any one of these ladies (fashion wise only!) on any given day but my fav look was Gemma’s – and I am borderline obsessed with the beetle necklace (that Gem wasn’t wearing because she couldn’t find it, but I like to think it was there in spirit and would have perfected an already brilliant outfit.)
    Kirsty’s colour clash was also inspired and I do love the rock vibe Penny had going on with the leather over feminine dress and quirky accessories.
    Honestly, there wasn’t a look there that I didn’t love though and I could see myself wearing any of the dresses – unfortunately I tried Bex’s – didn’t suit me that much. 🙁

    Feel like i should be bursting out in song singing ‘I’m every woman…’

    • couldn’t find it in the store, not couldn’t find it in my house. Although the latter as a rule is more likely. Mr C-S will be subjected to a hunt for it in London this weekend methinks x

  13. wow, you girls look uber glamorous, Wish I was brave enough to wear colour like you all have. Amazing. I’d be coveting the Lucy and Laura looks. Rebecca, where was the asymmetrical blue dress in the Laura ensemble from? I think I NEED it in my life!

  14. Love all the looks – would pick any of them if I thought I could pull them all off. Seriously coveting your leopard print tights though! Love how you’ve put all the outfits together with links – it looks fab!

    Already planning my next ‘do’ outfit!


  15. Oh Rebecca, you ARE clever. I really want Spicy nickname.

    Sarah, the dress is from Reiss, although – I don’t know if I dare admit this in Fashion Posse company – it is nearly a YEAR old.

    • nooooooo!
      Love Reiss, Hate that it means I cant get my hands on one! ; )
      Its fabulous.
      ps, i reckon wearing a classic dress a couple of seasons old is a great way to ensure others don’t turn up in the same dress, it’s what I try at weddings ; )

  16. Love how you’ve put this together Rebecca! All of the outfits are amazing! I think I’m an Amy or a Laura if I had to choose. Love love love that blue dress and I need to know how to put my hair in a bow, now please!


  17. BTW Kirsty’s Red H&M dress is currently half price online- a bargain at £12.49, as is the navy blue one. I also love Gemma’s green dress, but I have bought so much green lately- love it!

  18. This is the best fashion post EVER. Wow, such gorgeous stylish ladies rockin’ all that fantastic colour – I’m dying, it’s brilliant!!

    Everyone looks really fabulous but my favourites are Anna, Penny and Bex’s outfits (although I am crushing big stylee on the print tights too). Oooh now I can’t wait for the Manchester meet up – you look like you all had a fabulous time! xxx

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