Weeks 14 – 20

Our 12 week scan was actually done a day before I was 14 weeks, so it then didn’t feel long before we’d be seeing baby again. At 16 weeks I really started to feel a difference in how tired I was, getting back to my usual bedtimes (almost!) and being able to actually do something with my evenings again. It was so liberating and fortunately co-incided with the work in our bedroom coming to an end from a building point of view and us having to start the clean up and decorating prep.

The majority of these weeks for me were spent waiting to feel movements. I had been told I have an anterior placenta which means it kind of cushions me from feeling any movements at the front. At 18 weeks I was on my sister in laws hen do and after coming home early and a week or so of ‘was that something?’ feelings, I got three definite kicks as I lay in bed waiting to go to sleep. I didn’t feel anything for three days after that, until a few more at work and then it became more frequent as I kind of ‘tuned into’ what I should be feeling. I expected it to get stronger too, which some of the movements have done, but not hugely. It was only sitting waiting for our 20 week scan (at 19+6) that I felt one so strong that I thoughts Pete might feel it, but of course he couldn’t, it was still too early. For any of you waiting to feel those movements and wondering what it is like, the best way I can describe it is to say it’s like being softly flicked from the inside, or like when your eye muscles twitch involuntarily. 🙂

I also spent a lot of this time waiting for my bump to pop out. From a medical point of view I knew I should be able to feel it above my pubic bone any time from 12 weeks, but I didn’t feel it until 14 weeks. It was 16 weeks before I felt I looked different in myself but I don’t think anyone else would have known (or been brave enough to ask,) then at 19 weeks, it just came out of nowhere. I bought my maternity jeans at 17 weeks, because my normal jeans still fitted but if I sat or bent in them I just felt like they were digging in really uncomfortably.

These weeks felt like they flew by. After the initial weeks of counting the days until we could relax and assume everything was ok, which seemed to crawl, the weeks are just disappearing before we know it. When our 20 week scan came it was soooo much bigger than before, I had a proper ‘bump’ and sitting waiting for the scan was the first time it really went nuts, moving around for 45 minutes or so constantly. After all our deliberations about finding out the sex we decided to have the radiographer write it down in a cute card we bought with the intention of looking at it later together, perhaps in Barcelona when we could get excited properly. Baby had other ideas though and in what I hope doesn’t set the tone for his or her behaviour in the future, baby was cross legged with its bum firmly wedged down in my pelvis so they couldn’t see at all and we left none the wiser. Fate maybe? In actual fact I wasn’t disappointed at all in the end. We had already decided we would keep it to ourselves anyway, so it made that decision a lot easier!

I hope you enjoyed the update readers, I’ll be back with a 20+ week one soon. 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Weeks 14 – 20

  1. awh, that’s total fate that baby made that decision for you! You are looking fab by the way! I’m nearly 25 weeks now, and getting kicked like mad! esp in the evenings and in bed, but she’s been a right little wriggler since about 16 weeks! my only pregnancy gripe is I get pains along the bottom of my bump and round into my hips and back when I walk, can only walk for about 10 mins before I wanna sit down! all v exciting though! ; ) xxx

  2. Congrats! For me the 20 week scan was a really anxious time and I was really aware of all the problems that might be picked up. Thankfully everything was fine. It so lovely to hear other peoples experiences. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looking lovely! I didnt feel any definite movements until about 22 weeks and I had an anterior placenta too!! (all the best people do!)

    Such a cute story re: finding out the sex…!

    Rachie xo

  4. It must be fate that your baby was keeping his or her sex to themselves! We couldn’t really miss the ‘boy bits’ we saw on our 20 week scan last week!

    Loving your pregnancy updates and glad to hear you are feeling well!

  5. You look fab Rebecca, and yes maybe it was fate about finding out the sex. My bumo didn’t pop out till a bit later either. It was around 25 weeks when we were on holiday that I eventually felt I ‘looked’ pregnant and not just like I’d eaten to much cake!
    Enjoy every moment of it. xxxx

  6. Awww I loved those first little movements, as much as you want other people to feel them it’s so special to have them all to yourself for a little while! (The best is yet to come, big kicks when you’re having a bath is hilarious!!)

    Effie also had her little legs crossed at the 20 week scan, it was slightly frustrating because I was desperate to know but lovely that some things can still be a surprise!

    Enjoy every minute of your little wriggler


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