Triumphs and slip ups…

Now it’s February, it’s a month since I first wrote about wanting to shift a bit of weight, tone up and get fitter. I reckon it’s about time I shared with you all how it’s been coming on.

The truth is, like many of you I guess, there have been ups and downs. In terms of tangible weight loss, I’m not sure I’ve made that much progress. I think the term ‘yo-yo-ing’ would be fairly accurate. After a good first couple of weeks, I relaxed one weekend and gained back a couple of pounds, then lost it, then went away to Wales, then lost it, then had this weekend of birthday celebrations and the whole thing went totally to pot. I feel like my mindset is six of one and half a dozen of the other… on the one hand, I still really want to get a couple more pounds off, then I’m more than happy yo-yo-ing around a couple of pounds either way. But on the other hand, I’ve had a great last 3 weekends and I will never be a slave to my weight at the expense of my life. Bonus points for anyone who can solve that problem for me then!

However, when it comes to exercise, I’m seriously hoping that eventually all the good work will pay off and I’ll start to see results. I’ve been to my BMF class twice weekly since starting at the beginning of January and am still loving it. I took my first fitness test last weekend (they suggest you do one every 3 months to assess your progress) and I was really pleased with the results. I get to wear a Red bib (the middle group) and having been back this morning for my first session since, not only am I still a physically broken woman(!) after giving my all for the test, but I now know that my cardiovascular strength is way below my muscular strength and I worked my ass off at the running with the next fitness test in mind as motivation. I’m not sure I can truly see a cosmetic difference in my shape just yet, (Pete says he can, but bless him, he’s always been the encouraging type!) 😉 It’s only been 4 weeks though so I’m not losing hope yet.

I think motivation is a massive thing when it comes to exercising and I am the worst for giving up when it hurts my chest to breath or my legs start wobbling or I want to actually puke from the effort (sadly a little too often at the moment!) Probably my biggest achievements have been running the Manchester 10K, not just because of the distance but the effort involved, particularly on the day. Whilst I can recommend having a goal to help you train, I’m naughty and when training for a run, often stop and have a little walk when it gets hard. With all eyes on you in a run you can’t do that and so I have to say to myself over and over again, be grateful you have legs and can actually do this. Being physically able to run is such a great feeling when you place the value of it in context like that.

And after sharing my day job with you all yesterday it seems an apt time to share this with you too… a video Pete actually showed me after an educational session he attended a week or so ago.

It’s a long one, so watch it later this evening or at the weekend, but it’s a fascinating insight into how exercise affects your long term health and mental well being, and reduces the risk of chronic disease. It certainly made me think about how much I sit down, even though I’ve mentioned it before. I wish I could walk to work. Maybe I’ll have to start walking to my home visits!

Now it’s over to you. How is your diet/exercise/healthy lifestyle regime going now that the New Year call to action has faded a little? Share your successes and slip ups with us here and lets all motivate each other a little bit more to keep going.


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28 thoughts on “Triumphs and slip ups…

  1. I’m actually doing quite well! I get married in August and it’s not the wedding so much I am losing weight for, it’s so I look amazing in that bikini on the remote island in Hawaii for the honeymoon ( too excited) I was rubbish yesterday and had a doughnut and a boost but working a 13 hour day I needed some sugar! However joining a new gym with new classes to go to has kick started me again and most of the time I am pretty good food wise (Ryvita and cottage cheese anyone?) 🙂 I also want to be able to attend my repeat prescription pill appointment and not have them look at me gravely and tell me I must get my BMI down. So to Body Attack I go! 🙂

  2. Funnily enough I was thinking about diet/exercise regimes and BMF just last night. I think, no, know the key to success is to make changes to your lifestyle that are manageable to apply to everyday life.

    I’m quite passionate about this. I have seen members of my family, and friends struggle with their weight because they constantly yo-yo diet. I really believe our bodies can find a ‘happy weight’ and once we have got a healthy lifestyle planned out, we remain pretty much at that weight for good. I don’t mean to say that treats and bad (exercise) weeks aren’t allowed, I think the key is balance.

    What I have found helps enormously is incorporating exercise into my day (cycling to work and walking as much as possible) so you don’t feel that ‘urgh, I have to go and exercise now’. It’s done as you are living your life. I know this isn’t easy for everyone.

    Sorry for the ramble.

    Anna xx

  3. Anna is on the money! If you only have a little to lose, the only way to really get it off for good is to make full on lifestyle changes – and ones that you can live with. For some that might mean finding healthier ways to deal with eating and drinking on the weekends – if you can’t handle that (I can’t!) then you need to tighten your belt more during the week. The overall balance has to be found somewhere.

    As with the exercise, if you don’t enjoy training til you want to puke (some of us weirdoes do) then find at least one other form of exercise that doesn’t make you want to vomit to fall back on – you risk end up hating it, even if you’re coping now. Although that sort of training is effective, it won’t be if you don’t stick at it. Consistency is the biggest battle with exercise – not how hard you work. Same with the running – if you feel you need to . cheat then you’re pushing yourself too hard. Try really taking your time, be a plodder like me, smell the roses! 🙂

    I guarantee you are doing much better than you think, Rebecca! For what it’s worth, I’ve shifted my Christmas weight but nearly entirely due to my gastroenteritis! Now to keep it off…..


    • On saturday morning last week I trained til I thought I’d puke… enjoy isn’t the word but I’ve felt better all week so I’m fronting up again this sat! I agree with you P too that it’s about finding the balance…. I try for healthy weeks and less healthy weekends!!

  4. Ditto Rebecca.

    Since embarking on a healthy eating plan and exercise regime in January, I have lost up to 5 pounds and then gained a few back, and then lost a couple…

    I have been good on the exercise front using my exercise bike for at least 30minutes twice a week, usually 3 times a week. Its the healthy heating that has proved more difficult especially after a long day at work not getting home until gone 7pm and craving comfort food…

    I’m still trying, and thanks for the post!


  5. Well done Rebecca. It’s great that you got in the Reds after only a month of BMF. It took me at least three months of going regularly to get there! The next stage is to try to get to the middle of the Red pack – it’s really easy to just stay at the bottom of the Reds because you know you’re getting a good workout, and it really takes discipline to push that extra bit harder than is strictly necessary to stay up with the group!

    My weightloss has been similar – 4lbs off for Jan which isn’t a huge amount, and certainly less than I was expecting, but I do feel like I’ve lost inches and toned up from all the hot yoga and running. It reminds me I shouldn’t chase numbers on a scale!

    Pensky – oh you poor thing, are you feeling better now?

    • Yes thankyou K-ster, managed to teach Aerockbics without fainting last night, although I was mainlining sports drinks! Nearly human again today 🙂


  6. Morning ladies!

    BMF later! 🙂 Penny, I didn’t mean I hate it because I want to puke! I love it, but I think when I start really pushing myself, I have a low threshold for that almost puking feeling, which obviously stops me. When I comes to not running harder… Basically I’m lazy!

    Thanks for the congrats Anna K 🙂 v.proud over here!
    Anna, I think you are right re lifestyle change, that’s why I’m happy to have found an all season exercise I enjoy. I wishing could walk to work (maybe one day.)

    Jenny and Marlene… Keep going!

    As an aside… I would really like to see this Gaelic football Gemma, more specifically you doing it 😉


    • Rebecca I just can’t see you as being the lazy type, I don’t know why…. 😉 However if you’re still looking forward to sessions in this cold then you’re definitely doing something right!


  7. Well done for getting into the reds Rebecca!

    My weight loss has gone okay this month, I’ve lost 6 lbs and tried by wedding dress on for the first time in 6 months to find I’ve lost at least 2 inches around my waist and hips. Thus I am now trying to force my brain to stop thinking I’m a fat girl and instead concentrate on toning and getting fitter, as i think these are healthier goals for my mind to focus on.

    I’ve entered a half-marathon for later in the year and started body combat classes on top of my swimming and personal training sessions for arm toning joy.

    K x

  8. I’ve just come over from seeing you at Redliliocks’ lovely blog…and I’m smitten!! You love the same things I love to blog about – interiors, fashion, all manner of lovely things..with a bit of your life in there too.

    I’ve spent a slightly creepy amount of time looking at your posts and am going to subscribe right now!


  9. Just had my third weigh in since I’ve started slimming world and in 3 weeks I’ve lost 4lbs, which I’m really pleased with. Although it’s not very much, it’s so far been consistent and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep it off this way. Not had much chance to exercise at all this year due to moving, decorating and driving back and forth between two houses but I’m hoping to get off my backside in February!

    Well done Rebecca on getting into the next group! xx

  10. Bit late to the party, but after seeing Jillians 30 Day Shred recomended way back on RMW when I was preggers, I bought it as I knew I would want my fitness & body back asap (to fit into my pesky size 10 wedding dress besides other reasons) luckily enough breast feeding got all the weight of in time and walking.
    BUT I now want to tone up the wobbly bits and get my fitness back to where it was (I want to run a Half Marathon this year) so I fished out the DVD. Holy Crap si all I can say, I am on day 2 and my quads BURN like hell, I can already feel the fitness improving its just the strength that still hurts. Already looking forward to it tonight tho and I ran my first mile in god knows how long on Sunday so I will aim for mile & a quarter this Sunday 😉

  11. Everyone sounds like they are going great, well done girls! I have not been going so good (although I have just been on holiday for 3 weeks, is it even possible not to drink wine in the sun?!) and things are looking bad for this weekend as I am struggling to fit into my new dress for my own birthday party 🙁

    ps have just ordered the 30 Day Shred – thanks Gemma!

  12. Just watched the video. An really excellent insight to the power of exercise and interesting to note that walking has just as much use as the harder stuff.

    I walk at least 40 minutes a day to work and back and always try to think of it as good exercise time, rather than adding time to my commute and am also trying to get the the gym at least three times a week. Fingers crossed it all helps.

  13. Great post and video (and fabulous blog, really enjoy reading it!)

    I got married last year and went great guns training at a boot camp twice a week, felt amazing and toned up enough to feel happy in my dress. Then the winter kicked in and I’ve gone into hibernation and comfort food eating mode. It’s so hard to break the cycle, even though I know how good I feel when I exercise. I’ve signed up to do the Manchester 10k in May and have yet to go on a single run, argh! Seriously need to have a word with myself about being lazy… Any excellent motivation tips ladies?

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