Triple Temptation: Etsy Watercolours

16 x 20″ Chevron watercolour £65 // Set of 8 8×10″ watercolour herbs £72 // 16 x 20″ ‘Daybreak’ watercolour £30

After yesterday’s post on my bedroom, a few of you commented on my new print above the bed. Helen asked how I find lovely things on Etsy and really, as I replied to her, I find a lot on other blogs or Pinterest. I have a Patterns and Prints board on Pinterest where I put all my favourite prints for the future 😉

I was also explaining to her that you can refine your searches on Etsy – It has seem overwhelming to trawl through the site otherwise. I find that as my taste evolves and I know what I’m looking for, I can choose to search in ‘Art‘ for example then ‘Watercolours‘ and the selection of prints returned is much more likely to be up my street.

These three prints are all from Etsy and were found easily within minutes of me checking the navigation before I told Helen. I love the chevrons for a nursery or office space, the herbs would look beautiful grouped in a kitchen and oh my, that abstract piece is stunning.

Art is so affordable and such an easy way to brighten your home and make you happy every time you look at it, that Etsy is a pretty fun place to internet browse/splurge.

Have you found anything gorgeous on Etsy recently? I’d love to see!


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8 thoughts on “Triple Temptation: Etsy Watercolours

  1. I like them all! I first discovered Etsy a couple of years ago looking for jewellry for my wedding, it’s now my favourite place to buy presents. With our 2nd wedding anniversary coming up and a husband who’s into maps I think I’m gonna go for one of these…

  2. I love these. I’ve bought a few prints from etsy to put up when we eventually move, and have my eye on a couple of others. The one in your bedroom is stunning.

  3. Oooh, I feel honoured – it’s like I’ve got my own personal post in response to yesterday’s question! I’ll explore Etsy a bit further tonight and try refining my search a bit. Thanks Rebecca 🙂

    I really like the abstract print but still L.O.V.E the print above your bed. I’m off to investigate the artist’s Etsy shop…

    I need to make better use of pininterest too. I go through phases and then forget all about it. It’s such a good place for storing random online finds though.

  4. I love art in the home and even one new piece can really change the ambience of a space. I’ve been following your blogs for a while now and have long admired the flamingo picture you have in your lounge! I’m still convinced I’ll have to buy it one of these days 🙂

    Mostly, I’m a bit of a photography junkie myself (professionally & personally) and I’m slowly running out of wall space in my house. My husband and I both sell original Fine Art photography so obviously were our own biggest fans and have a hallway thats beginning to resemble a gallery. lol

    Just a thought but if you’d like some inspiration from some of our work then I’d love to hear what you all think? We sell beautiful stretched canvases and framed & mounted prints. 🙂

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