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I was giving some thought to the films I have posted about already here on Florence Finds the other day and started to get a little bit self conscious about the potential for people judging my taste in movies! I’m no flick critic but I know what I like and I also love hearing what other people think of a film, even if it’s a simple as them sharing their reactions, just like with a book club I guess.. ‘I laughed my head off’ is good enough for me!

I’m making no apologies however for today’s choice… one of my absolute all time favourite movies, The Lion King.

I think everyone has a film that holds huge amounts of sentimental value to them, from the film you watched over and over and over with your girlfriends as a teen (Dirty Dancing/Top Gun?) or the one that first made you think, (Philadelphia) or the first one you watched with your beloved, films provoke so many memories.

For me The Lion King completely transcends sentimentality. It was released shortly after my Dad died and my sister and my Mum and I all went to Disneyland in LA as our first big holiday together without him. If you’ve ever been to Disney, you’ll know they do street parades four or five times a day which are themed to co-incide with the latest film release or holiday season. When the parades are on the music is inescapable, wherever you are in the park and so this incredibly poignant music about the Circle of Life infused the whole holiday. It was raw and heart breaking but life-affirming at the same time. We all stood there day after day, shedding tears of loss and grieving, but ending every parade feeling so uplifted.

It’s an incredible film and one that I will always love – I mean, who knew you could identify with a lion cub? But Simba’s teetering on the edge of emotional derailment reminded me that I could live a life defined by losing my Dad or use the experience to make me stronger and better and every time I hear the music or lose myself in the memory of the musical I later saw, it reminds me in equal parts that nothing will ever be worse than that experience, how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved since then.

I’d love to hear which films hold extraordinary significance for you and why – please leave a comment and share your experiences… and who’s going to see The Lion King 3D? (Am I going to be the only 29 year old in the cinema?!)


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24 thoughts on “The Lion King 3D

  1. Thankyou for that ,didn’t realise it was on and busy trying to plan activities for a very wet half term (you can come with us if you like and borrow Martha-only condition is that you keep her for a few days )

  2. I am teetering on the edge of emotion after reading that x

    Bedknobs and Broomsticks….

    Classic line from the little boy:

    “What’s that got to do with my knob?”

    Cracks me up every time.

  3. You’re not alone…. I really want to go and see this for my birthday, but when I suggested it I got laughed at 🙁 We shan’t listen to the haters! It’s a fantastic film, a great coming of age story which works on a number of levels, and always always makes me cry – I shall definitely blub even more now thinking of your brave family and the connection you have with it. I fully intend to go, stubborn and alone!


  4. ‘……And I got down-hearted’ ‘How did you feel?’ ‘Every time that I…..’ ‘Puumba, not in front of the kids’. I love it. And I just had to ‘do’ (perform at my desk) a funny bit so that I wouldn’t get teary. Love. it.

  5. Oooh, I love The Lion King. I know all the words. I am a geek. There is something about James Earl Jones’s voice as Mufasa that gives me goosebumps. And I love singing along to the songs too.
    The film that holds significance for me is another Disney classic The Little Mermaid. This was the first ever film that I watched in a cinema. And I know all the words and songs to that one too!


    • Really? Thats amazing. I love how Sebastian is so FRENCH! And he’s a lobster! Or he is a crab? A French lobster/crab! Also Ursula used to scare the beejus out of me!


      • Yeah I know, but there’s actually a really strong feminist dialogue running through it (!) as well as a gay rights agenda (double !) apaz. Sebastian is a red Trinidadian crab FYI. And the drawings for Ursula, based on a well-known hollywood drag queen, also called Ursula. Supposedly.

  6. Ohh Rebecca, what a beautiful post. It got me really choked up reading it. I can’t even begin to imagine how much you could associate with that little lion cub having recently lost your dad. I think films and music can often provide an outlet or way of coming to terms with things. How sweet that The Lion King does that for you.
    P.S. So pleased to see you back blogging. I’ve missed your ‘voice’ since you vanished from the polkadot pages, but this new blog looks awesome. I think I might be addicted already. X

  7. This is one of my favourite films and I was on the verge of tears after reading your connection with it – I can’t imagine how you all felt on that holiday.

    The film is special to me but for a completely different reason, my extraordinary dog Matata. We named him after the phrase ‘Hakunu Matata’ meaning no more worries for the rest of your days. We rescued him from the Transkei in South Africa where we had a cottage, he was being beaten badly by the guards and was painfully thin. When we moved over to the UK we brought him with us. Having him here made such a difference to our lives, we had already left so much behind. Our little bush dog lived a long and happy life in the English countryside, he sadly passed away a few years ago and I still miss and think about him.


  8. I will be going to see it and I’m about to turn 30. My friends tease me for loving kids films, but I don’t care. I love them! Rebecca, I love your sentiment towards it.

    The Harry Potter films fill me with tingles. We began a family tradition where we’d all go and see them togther, and as they were generally released in the winter I have only fond memories of meeting up beforehand for hot chocolate and chats, in our snuggliest clothes, grabbing yummy treats and settling down for some HP/RW/HG action!

    The other two films that always make give me goosebumps are Santa Claus: the Movie (watched every year with the family on Christmas Eve waiting for everyone to arrive from all over the country so the festivities can begin) and Moulin Rouge. Being a) a dancer and b) obsessed with Baz Luhrmann I couldn’t wait to see it, but for one reason or another I never got the chance to see it in the cinema. In the end I watched it on a plane on September 11 whilst circling over London for about three hours on a tiny screen. My memories of that film are less about the film itself (although i love it) and more about how the world changed that day and how lucky i was to be heading home to my family.

    Family – seems to be a common theme in my film obsessions I just realised! 🙂

  9. When I was lucky enough to go on safari as part of our honeymoon to South Africa, I spent a lot of time leaning out of the safari jeep going “Look, Pumba” etc (like a child, I know) – it was amazing, would hugely recommend a safari. Also, the Lion King stage show is FANTASTIC. The songs (in the film and the musical, obviously) are so wonderful.

    Apologies for commenting on EVERY post – I am clearly identifying with this blog!

  10. Katie – Do not apologise! We want you to comment – that’s the whole point!

    Robyn – that’s a lovely story about your dog and Victoria I love your film stories… its weird how important they can become, no?

    Mahj and Gemma – I also love TLM – big time. More Dad issues there! The bit where she has to say goodbye – omg. *Sob* Dinsey has a lot to answer for.

    Pass the kleenex. 😉


  11. Not sure if we’ll bother with the 3D but I do want the Lion King on DVD to add to my Disney classics collection! Also, Rebecca have you seen the west end show? It’s wonderful!

  12. Rebecca, that post had me weepign at my desk, I thought it was only me who draws emotional parallels with Disney films!

    The film of uber significance in my life was Stepmom (Julia Roberts, Suzanne Sarandon) I can’t even think about watching it now without welling up. My dad took my sisters and I (then aged 12, 10 and 7) to see it at the cinema, mid messy divorce. I think he intended to make light of his recent departure from the family home and show that unconventional families can work/have fun, but the message we all took was that we better get used to his new girlfriend as our mum was going to die! It resulted in three hysterical children being removed from the cinema by an usher who must have thought we were nuts and my bewildered dad left in the screen alone. The memory of the pain I felt makes the film unwatchable despite some funny moment.

    So glad you’re back Rebecca, I was a bit of a lurker in your previous incarnation, but plan to contribute more where I can! x

  13. Aaah The Lion King, we went on honeymoon to Tanzania and when we got back on the Saturday before heading back to work we decided to not tell anyone we were back, close the blinds and watch TLK to relive the past 10 days!
    For me Mamma Mia has massive emotional memories (an unlikely one I know!). I gave it to my mum to try and cheer her up when she was ill, and she had just told me all she wanted was to ‘wear a hat’ i.e. see one of her children get married, before she died. It was the last time I spent with her 1 on 1, curled up in her lap, and I remember sobbing silently at the bit where they’re getting ready for the wedding as I knew I’d never get that moment. I still haven’t managed to watch it again, as I know I’ll bawl my eyes out!
    x x x

  14. I absolutely love the Lion King, and will certainly be going to see it even though I am 32! Might have to kidnap one of my friend’s children to take with me!

    We have two gorgeous fluffy cats… called Simba and Nala… seriously considering calling our first born child Mufasa as and when the time comes!

    Loving your new blog Rebecca; particularly the wide range of subjects, am hooked already!

    K x

  15. I’m going to cry! It is an emotional film and hearing everyone’s associations and loss has rung really true.
    I’ve already started canvassing friends with children to see if I can take them along to the cinema to see it again x

  16. I love The Lion King, one of my all time favourite movies! I so want to go and see it. We were in Disneyworld for our honeymoon this summer and I was as excited as all the little kids about it!

    Your story is so sad and sweet Rebecca. The film that makes me sad is My Girl because I watched it just after my Mum passed and it kinda made everything hit home what had just happened. I don’t think that was my auntie’s plan when she put it on! On the other hand, I love Aladdin because it was the first movie I saw at the cinema and reminds me of one of the last times we were all together as a family.


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