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Very quick post this morning readers! I’m after a bit of advice…

Last time with Bea I never packed a hospital bag for ‘labour’ per se – maybe it was a sign but I never felt the need then found out just short of 38 weeks that she was likely to be Breech and therefore that I would have a C-section. So whilst I packed a kind of over night bag and stuff for baby like nappies and gro’s, I didn’t pack anything for myself that I may need in terms of if I had stitches, or useful items for during labour.

I thought this might be the kind of info that other people find useful, so I’d ask your advice and open it up to others too. What could you have not lived without in labour? What helped or didn’t get used? I don’t want to cart everything but the kitchen sink in!

Thanks guys!

Rebecca x

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14 thoughts on “The Hospital Bag…

  1. Can’t remember using much from hospital bag either times really (apart from obvious like pjs) but second time around I wished I’d packed a book or something for me. We had to stay in for 24 hrs for monitoring but as OH was at home looking after toddler this meant I was on my own a lot and hadn’t realised how boring that would be. Also packing a bag full of extras – clothes, nappies etc and keeping the bare minimum in the actual hospital bag helped me find things I needed in labour and OH knew what to quickly grab when we needed to stay in a little longer.

  2. I used Aisling’s hospital bag list of wonder – she’s your gal!

    With Jude, I added a gift for Max from him for when Max came to meet him.

    Also second the idea of having a second bag of leggings/big pants/stretchy tops/maternity pads in the car or by the door at home for someone to grab in case you end up in for longer than expected or someone does 6 meconium poos that go all over you in various degrees during the first night (side eyes at Jude!).

  3. We only managed to get our hospital bags out of the car once little one had arrived! Having said that I was most thankful for food and drink, toast didn’t come close and for my husband too! Also nice shampoo & conditioner, having a shower and washing my hair felt so good. Exciting!

  4. I really liked having little treats – posh shampoos and shower gel. And new pjs for after (maybe pick a dark colour though!)


  5. What was predicted to be a long slow induced labour at 38 weeks (thanks gestational diabetes) turned out to be a very franetic 2 hour start to finish over stimulated/dropping baby heartbeat labour, so the carefully crafted hospital bag/play list/snack selection wasn’t really used. The absolute essentials I really couldn’t have done without though and highly recommend are: Frozen water bottles. The ice defrosts slowly and ensures you have lots of chilled water to hand. Your absolute favourite luxury shower wash and shampoo for that first post labour shower. Hand cream and lip balm. Flip flops instead of slippers (so can also be worn in the shower if you’re a shower germ a phobe like me) Earth Mama Angel baby bottom spray, self activating coolpads, multipack of black cotton pants and lots of maternity pads. cool, clean, hydrated. Good luck x

  6. I packed two bags for hospital, one small one for labour and one for afterwards. In the labour bag I had car park change, my notes, tens machine, hair ties, water bottle, good lip balm, flip flops and that was pretty much it!

  7. I had both a normal labour to being fully dilated in the midwife led unit with time in the birthing pool, followed by an emergency section. During the first part I found a bag of starbursts helped me keep going from the 5pm when my waters broke (so before we had eaten dinner!) until 9am when he was finally born! In retrospect I would have packed a sandwich for my husband as it was a long night for him too. I also had a little squeeze bottle of cordial to add to bottles or glasses of water, as I prefer it to drinking plain water. I ended up naked in the pool and not really caring, after my vest top got too awkward in the water, but I might take a bikini top if I was in the same position again!

    After my section I found big knickers helpful, and agree with nice shampoo and shower gel for afterwards, along with nice towels/dressing gown. Also plenty of change for the car park as it is hard to find a cash machine at times!

    Good luck with everything! X

  8. I would definitely say a wash bag with all your favourite toiletries for a shower after to make you feel as normal as possible. I don’t think I really used much from my hospital bags either times! Good luck with it all x

  9. My own pillow from home was a god send. Comforting and useful! Agree reading material if is a long labour, magazines were good as my concentration wasn’t up for a book.

    I’m also really fussy and prefer my own towels even when I go away. I’d also echo hair bands, hand cream and a good shower gel! I ended up with a bag for me (along with snacks, car park change and spare clothes for hubby), bag for baby and a spare with extra nappies, clothes etc in the car in case we had to stay in mainly for my peace of mind and to make it easier for hubby rather than direct him to get extra stuff from home.

  10. I found lucozade and hardbody useful! Hypnobirthing playlists like Maggie Howell labour companion was a godsend. I took some posh face scrub/shower gel for afterwards it was the best shower of my life lol I found maternity leggings better than pyjamas at holding pads in! Also I packed a bag of extra nappies etc to leave in the boot. At Home I left some extra clothes for me and baby out so husband didn’t have to root for things if we stayed in longer! (Which we did!) x

  11. Only things that I used in labour were straws, wet cloths, glucose energy sweets (as I couldn’t keep anything else down) and the best Snickers ever for post birth!
    I treated myself to a nice dressing gown before E was born which was nice to have and made me feel slightly more human. Don’t remember having much reading time in hospital!

  12. Whatever you want in your bag for labour get Pete to pack the bag, so he may remember where everything is when you need it.
    Lots of good advice here, hair band, lip balm, straws, glucose tablets (though be prepared for them to fire up the contraction pain when used!). I also had a couple of sandwiches ready for OH so he had food and didn’t have to have the dilemma of leaving and missing anything crucial.
    In terms of labour wear I’d recommend having a stretchy crop top style bra- comfier and much easier to move around in and work around monitoring, particularly if you end up having an epidural.
    If you’re induced definitely lots of entertainment for the bit before things get going.

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