The Fash Flash: Pyjama Party

I’ve always had a bit of a thing about nightwear, which is a little bit strange perhaps as I don’t tend to wear anything usually. What I do like however is to be prepared for going away or visiting people and a pretty pair of pyjamas is indispensable. Holidays always demand a new pair and recently I decided to expand my collection, picking up these cute bow tie shorts from Gap and wearing them with a peachy vest top. They’re roomy enough for me to stretch my legs out in bed and just short enough to be cheeky on Sunday mornings. 😉

Printed bow waist Pyjama bottoms, tie waist shorts and peach tank, all GAP.

As a result I felt inspired to put together a little selection of pretty and summery cotton printed, striped and floral nightwear, whether you prefer masculine grandad styles or flirty knicker and vest sets.

1. Striped nightshirt – Cocosa 2. Floral Nightdress, DKNY at John Lewis 3. Butterfly vest set – Accessorize 4. Rose print pyjama set – Hush 5. Striped Pyjamas – Cocosa

My favourite romantic nightwear is from Plum Pretty Sugar, stocking kimono style robes and a new line, Castelbel and Trumpet, with gorgeous scoop back necklines and feminine wide sashes in contrasting prints.

Printed tunic and Pyjama set – Plum Pretty Sugar

Tell me readers, what do you wear to bed?


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28 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: Pyjama Party

  1. Oooooh I love all of these! At the moment I’m wearing pyjamas that Bex gave me with the honey puff monster on them, and Mr C-S HATES them. I have been waiting for our next trip back to Aus because a department store there, Sussans (a bit like Wallis I guess in its target market) does the best pjs ever in the world.

  2. My new favourite place for nightwear is Zara Home. Lovely light cotton & floaty. Also, if you search, Sainsbury’s TU have some good pieces. This summer I’ve a great red/orange dahlia light cotton trousers & similar print light cotton robe. Oh to be back in bed….

  3. Nothing. I hate the feeling when clothes wrap themselves around you. So now I’m looking for pre wedding attire. I’d love a lace wrap (yes…lace…really) but can’t find one for less than £300. Debating making myself one. How hard can it be? Help?

  4. I am always looking for nice PJs as once im home for the evening Im in them, but I have a terrible habit of wearing old comfy bottoms, random tshirts then a scruffy old cardi over the top, its not a good look 😉

    • This is exactly what I do! Though it’s usually old jack wills trackies and a random vest top, they’re just so comfy!!

  5. Oh how I love proper pyjamas! I have two favourite sets from Tchibo, but they don’t deliver to the UK anymore. Their Cream satin pjs make me feel like Coco Chanel. Hush were a great discovery because they do longer length trousers. Hurrah to warm ankles 🙂 During the summer I prefer floatier things and have several vintage slips and nighties. Will definitely check out Zara home though, thanks Rachel!

  6. This is such great timing as I have been meaning to treat myself to some new bed wear for ages. At the moment I wear my boyfriends old tshirts!

  7. I’m the same as you Rebecca. I don’t tend to wear anything to bed either as I just get all hot and bothered. But I do love pretty pjs to go away with. My current favourite bottoms are a pair I was bought from Cath Kidston. But I also love fat face and Calvin Klein. I do love Plum Pretty Sugar though. Almost bought a robe for my wedding, but alas couldn’t justify it at the time. Maybe for my first anniversary 😉

  8. I’m obsessed with pyjamas and “loungewear”. Seems ridiculous to spend so much on comfy, slouchy, shapeless clothes that never leave the house, and I won’t tell you how much space in my drawers is dedicated to them, but I can’t live without a pair of comfy but cute PJs!

    I’m salivating over those Cocosa stripey ones…

    I quite like Next for some of their cotton loungewear. I went a bit crazy pre-wedding/hen do and bought everything in the mink/pink/polka dot range as it matched my save the date cards!

  9. I asked for a Plum Pretty Sugar robe as a gift last and wore it for my wedding… love it.
    Looking for a nice set for holiday at the moment – I’m imagining silk shorts and vest in pastel colours…do they exist anywhere? x

  10. It’s the bane of my life. Ideally I would like a supersized, v/scoop necked t-shirt in silk. They don’t exist. I tend to wear big cotton t-shirt styles but either they tend to be frumpy or have cutsy animals on. I love the chemise style but tend to look like the result of an illicit liaison between a gorilla and a butch games mistress in one. Not the look I want – even when only seen by one biased witness! Or maybe especially not then,

  11. I love pjs and can’t stand sleeping naked – drives my husband mad! You can’t beat a nice pair from M&S, or I love The White Company ones too. And when in the US, Victoria Secrets is fab and they’re soon opening in the UK xoxo

  12. I used to be a kit-off person, but the last four years we’ve had lodgers so I’ve had to modify my nudity. Luckily my husband bought me some pyjamas with unicorns and rainbows on, and they are actually better than any other PJs I have ever seen.


  13. As much as I’d love to wear pretty underwear to bed, I generally end up wearing long, loose t-shirts. Strappy things make my shoulders too cold when I read in bed, and shorts and pj bottoms get all tangled up and hot under the covers. TMI? 😉

  14. Having said that, I LOVE warm fleecy pjs in winter (to spend the evening in) but I can never find really pretty sets. They are always horrible prints.

  15. I love my pjs. don’t understand girls who don’t! Last christmas i was given a pair from PJ Pan and i’ve since bought another 3 pairs!! By far my favourites. They’re not cheap but they’re really well made and they’re also made in the UK which is a bonus. i’m 5’10” so really struggle to find pj bottoms that are long enough but they do an extra long leg in lots of their designs. have a look on their site The do cute matching mother/daughter, father/son pyjamas too!

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