The Fash Flash: Oxblood

Well, we’re mid-way through October now, what say we start getting back into the Fash Flash. Maybe I was a bit premature in assessing the trends, or perhaps it has just taken me longer this year to embrace Autumn fashions but it has taken me a while to sort the wheat from the chaff. Todays ‘trend’ is definitely the wheat.

It’s not burgundy, it’s not wine, or berry. This year we’re calling it Oxblood and I am LOVING it.

Velvet Slipper shoe, Zara // Tube skirt, Topshop // A list, Essie // Afghan Red, Nars // Dropped Waist Dress, Warehouse // Peplum top, Oasis // Red Tweed Biker jacket, Warehouse // Autograph collection leather paneled matinee clutch – Marks and Spencer // Heeled court shoe, Warehouse // Blouse, Florence and Fred // Chanel Rouge Noir // Slammer Sandal, Whistles //

I was pleasantly surprised to see oxblood back in the shops, whatever the name, as not only is it a lovely colour for Autumn but I happen to already have several pieces of it sitting waiting to be worn. It’s surprisingly versatile too, working with most of your wardrobe neutrals, leathers, navy, black, grey, electric blue, red. The only colour I don’t like it with is green, particularly bottle green, as the pair together seem to have ‘school uniform’ written all over them. The pieces in oxblood this season are all about texture and simple clean lines – you’ll see a lot of lace and vamped up combo’s with leather accents, but it’s just as wearable in modern dresses, tube skirts, coated jeans and oversized jumpers. (I bought just such a jumper from the Warehouse Definitives collection last weekend and haven’t stopped wearing it.) It looks particularly good in shoes and accessories, particularly like the Autograph bag above in calf hair, suede and snakeskin-like leather. I’m going to struggle to resist…

The coolest way to wear it? Head-to-toe, of course.

So, have you got any oxblood in your wardrobe and will you be splashing out?


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19 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: Oxblood

  1. I love this colour-it’s a while since it’s had a fashion airing! Oasis have some lovely waxed denim straight leg jeans for £55 in this colour too. I’m lusting after those!

  2. Anita… your time has come!
    Love that NARS lippie. I have a similar one from illamasqua and written properly it makes my skin look flawless and my teeth white. It can go a little vampiric though, so softly softly with application!

    • Anna I’m currently on holiday touring south India and have got wifi tonight for the first time in a week and came to catch up on FF, saw the word ‘oxblood’ and thought ‘yessssss!!!!’

      (for those who weren’t at AOP I have a beaded one shoulder oxblood dress which when Rebecca told me was ‘so on trend’ I nearly died of excitement- I’m never on trend!!!)

  3. I splashed out yesterday! Found a beautiful pair of oxblood t-bar flats in the Dune sale. I wanted a pair of shoes for my winter graduation that would stand out without being garish. The colour is so classy! I hadn’t thought about it for a lipstick before, but now I’m quite tempted 🙂

  4. I love it- have got a dress from H&M and a slightly more purple red vest top from Topshop and am planning further additions! It’s such a lovely warm colour and a real alternative to black, and the red makes it slightly sexy too. Oxblood is also a much cooler word for the school-uniform reminiscent burgundy! xx

  5. Love it! It’s my winter staple colour! (and, just to be contrary, I rather like it with green – as long as it’s a moss or lime green!)

    I shall have to send this post to all the maternity wear people out there and tell them IT’S THE COLOUR OF THE SEASON. Was desperately looking for some bump-accommodating leggings in this colour yesterday, but no dice.

    Em x

  6. I am wearing my favourite “oxblood” pencil skirt today (but to be honest I just thought it was burgundy until you educated me!). Love this colour for autumn and think it works nicely through winter too teamed with black for a slightly more vampish take on the festive red.

    On the look out for some sexy heels in this colour at the moment


  7. Loving the look of that chanel colour and I already have a very similar jersey shirt. I actually like it with green (of course) but only olive green, agree about the bottle green. Am wearing my skinny jeans in this colour today actually with my sequin olive green vest poking out from under a neutral jumper.

  8. Love this colour, just hate the word oxblood, makes me feel sick! Dune had some gorgeous oxblood heeled brogues that I loved but they were just too high for me 🙁 I invested in some cable knit tights instead which are a fab change from black or navy

  9. I just bought a cardigan from Primark in this colour! I have a lovely pair of patent brogues in oxblood from Topshop last year too which rapidly turned into my favourite shoes ever. And any excuse to get the Rouge Noir out! Didn’t realise I was so ‘on trend’ at the moment!!

  10. LOVE this colour…saw a winter coat from Banana Republic in this colour in a magazine last night…am now desperately searching for a cheaper version as I just can’t afford the BR one!

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