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Rebecca has very kindly asked me back to post occasionally on all things fashion, and I’ve jumped at the chance. My posts are going to be a bit more current and pick out relevant seasonal and lifestyle trends, rather than a monthly edit. If of course you guys have things you’d like to ask me/content you’d like to see, please do comment and I’ll see what I can do.

As we speed into February I have been thinking about one of my resolutions, which was to make 2018 a healthy one – in all senses of the word. Starting a new job in Spring last year, after having been at my old company for 16 years (since I graduated!), really took a toll on routine, and I was quickly feeling tired, out of sorts and grumpy. Exercise makes me feel so much better when I do it consistently, and I’m lucky to have found a local class that not only fits with my busy schedule, it’s also fun (and the other members are lovely too).

So, you might be thinking “why is she telling us all this?” The reason is that I really believe good kit helps get you motivated to go out and sweat. If you feel good by looking good, you are more likely to push yourself out there. I had a draw full of gym gear, but two children have changed the “needs” I have. Now I’m forever reaching for the same tops and leggings so I took the liberty of charity shopping most of the kit (I too like Rebecca really do hate waste), and keeping the pieces that I love.
So without further ado, here they are. They work hard for me in keeping sweat away (the class I do is a Spin HIIT class, I’m a firm believer in maximum effort/results over minimal time,) but also are supportive and most importantly, COMFORTABLE.

Sweaty Betty Reversible 7/8 Yoga Leggings
Yes, these are expensive, but wait for a 20% code and they are more palatable. They wash and wear perfectly, and they are so comfortable. I really don’t ever have to pull them up, no matter how many stretches or squats I do. I don’t have these exact ones, but the patterns that SB produce are really fun, and the reversible nature of these means you have two looks in one – plain black, or patterned.
Biba Sport – Jungle legging. Again, these are really comfy to wear with a wide waist band that doesn’t fall down. Mine are tiger print, but I do love these jungle ones.

I’m not really bothered too much about what I wear on the top, as long as the bra is supportive underneath. M&S do some great sports bras/tops, so take a look there. I also like this one from Nike.
For something over the top, New Look Sport is a good place to look for vests, as is Gap Body and I love this New Look Palm print vest.

Lastly, a top I have just discovered for wearing over the top of everything, under my coat, is this one from H&M. I love it. So easy to wear, and actually, great for non-sport related activities too as another layer – this outdoor jacket.

I hope this has given you some inspiration of new places to look for kit!

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#JanuaryJoy – Try a new Exercise class

There are a few things that are traditional to January… healthy eating, trying to lose weight after Christmas excesses and most of us feel compelled to try and get fit again. Last January saw me starting BMF classes – in fact my first class was on the third of January 2012. At the time I was looking for a cost effective way of exercising that I could do outside and that I would enjoy. Pete plays football 2-3 times a week and I wanted to ditch the gym as I was never going, but I couldn’t vouch for my safety running alone at night, or my motivation to keep it up.

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I totally got the bug and although there were times I let it slip for a week or two, or weeks when I was on holiday, I managed to attend over 60 classes last year and that’s even despite the fact I barely went in November and December. For those of you who don’t know much about it, it’s group exercise outdoors, in all weather, at parks across the UK – near cities where it’s hard to exercise outside. You don’t have to be a fitness guru to attend and it’s not at all sadistic. Instructors are all ex-military and amongst the most supportive and motivational people I have met – they really know how to make you keep going. Classes are intense but as a result they go really quickly, and the effort you make starts to pay off really fast, spurring you on further. If you would like to read more about my experience of British Military Fitness, you can click through here – it’s no-where near as scary as it sounds! And if you fancy having a go, try a free class!

This year, I have a different fitness objective. 2012 was all about getting physically fit, strong, increasing my resistance and stamina. In 2013, I’m aiming for a more holistic approach. I’m keeping up my BMF classes but I’m going to add in some Yoga classes. This is partly a need – I’ve never been particularly bendy, but the strength work at BMF means I am permanently tight. It’s about more than fitness though. Yoga is something I have dipped in and out of for years with several longer spells of regular classes. I know enough Astanga yoga now to be able to run through a short sequence by memory and I’m always left with the most incredible feeling of well being.

Last year was busy and stressful at times, I certainly didn’t get much time for reflection or quiet contemplation. In short, there wasn’t much ‘me time’. So this year I’m going to try and attend a yoga class here and there, but more frequently to practise at home – I have a brilliant DVD Jayne Middlemiss: Love Yoga (don’t be put off by Jayne Middlemiss – she just does the yoga in the background!) which has 2 workouts for different levels of experience and my goal is to work up to the harder one this year.

Now it’s over to you… have you any plans to improve your fitness or goals you want to achieve? Or will you be looking for a more holistic approach like me this year?


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