Sampson or Delila?

Last week, as I finally realised I was desperate for some me time the first thing I did was head to the hair dressers and say, ‘chop it all off!’ As usual, the hairdresser eyed me with some wariness wondering if I was thinking rationally but once it was established that I knew what I was doing I was soon three inches of hair lighter. Even though it was still wet and wavy I instantly felt a whole lot more human again.

I am lazy with my hair. I find the whole process of blowdrying and styling it incredibly boring, as well as being frustrating – my hair really does have a mind of its own. I’ve really only had a good grip on styling it the way I want it and generally looking presentable (if I take the time to do it,) since I first had it cut short on my 20th birthday, over 10 years ago now. Since then apart from a brief hiatus in the run up to and the months after my wedding, it has always been at least shoulder length and more often closer to my chin.

I don’t know what it is that every couple of years or so drives me to start growing it. I think it’s a combination of circumstances which prevent me going to the hairdressers for a while and a kind of 24 month itch when I feel I should do something different. It made me think, why do we as women do this? I know what suits me, what works for my lifestyle and what makes me feel fabulous – short hair. So why do I not just embrace that and make time for regular trims?!

I really wouldn’t consider my hair my ‘crowning glory’ and I’m certainly not one of those people who feels really out of sorts if they have a bad hair day, yet I realised just how different a good hair cut makes me feel, more human, more ‘me’.

So what is your relationship like with your hair? Is it your pride and joy or something you do battle with daily. Have you got any hair horror stories to share or have I just reminded you what you need to do to get your follicular mojo back?


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