Friday Frock O’Clock

This week I had a bargain dress in mind for Friday Frock O’Clock but it’s still not available so instead, I went to the opposite end of the spectrum and decided to share a dress that I have been lusting after and will probably never buy. (I’m ever hopeful)

I just love how chic this is, a classic-with-a-twist shape, a statement colour and the fact that expensive though it may be, this dress would live in your fabulous frock repertoire for many a year to come… I’d love to see it worked with a leopard heel.

*Pink Fond sleeveless dress, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania at My-Wardrobe.

So this week’s Friday Frock O’Clock is dedicated to the dress that you can’t buy this week but would truly love to. It might be a designer gown you’ve fallen in love with*, or it might be a dress you spied somewhere like Pinterest and can’t find the designer for. Or maybe it’s not even that expensive but your pennies are being directed elsewhere at the moment. Either way, drop a link into the comment box and let’s spend the rest of this afternoon drooling over the dress candy.


*Let’s face it, that was just your free pass to head on over to the likes of Net-a-Porter or My-Wardrobe and search for something gorgeous if you didn’t have something in mind already.

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