Friday Film… Breaking Dawn

It’s a departure from Friday Frocks this week as I couldn’t let today pass without inviting you all to talk about Breaking Dawn, the latest film in the Twilight series. It hits the cinemas today which means hoardes of screaming teens and fans. What I’m wondering, is how many of you list the Twilight Saga amongst your guilty pleasures?

*Breaking Dawn Trailer (part 1)

I was introduced to the Twilight Saga just before the films started to be released and although I’m not quite as ardent a fan as I was, I will be making the pilgrimage to the flicks next Tuesday to honour tradition and see the film with my friend Laura :).

Breaking Dawn Part 1 (because they have cleverly split the final film, a-la Harry Potter) looks like it might be a lot less PG-13 and a lot more loaded with sexual tension however, as we finally see Bella and Edward get married (oh yes, I cannot wait to see THAT dress) and seal the deal šŸ˜‰

And although I’m not a Taylor Lautner fan on the red carpet, in his incarnation as Jacob, he does get me far hotter under the collar than a guy who is a full ten years younger than me should reasonably do. I think I need to have words with myself…

Now it’s time to while away the last few hours of the week but instead of frocks let’s talk Vampires… did you read the Twilight books, will you be seeing the film? Are you, like me, a little embarrassed to admit to being a twi-hard fanatic?

What’s your guilty pleasure?


Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

Big news for Twilight fans – the latest trailer for the forthcoming Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1 was released today!

*Breaking Dawn Trailer (part 1)

There’s a whole lot more revealed in this trailer, (SPOILER ALERT! Look away now if you’ve not read the book!) there are more wedding scenes for those of you waiting for a glimpse of the dress and Bella’s ‘look’ and Jacob puts an appearance in at the white on white, flower-filled event. Then it’s straight into the honeymoon with steamy sex scenes a-plenty by the looks of things and that littleĀ surpriseĀ we are all waiting for.

We also get to see how the film will end – ie where they will break the book in half to finish part one and start part 2, and although it’s not explicit you’d assume it will be right after the birth – maybe they’ll leave the cliff hanger as to whether Bella survives?

I for one can’t wait – Are you a Twilight SagaĀ fanatic?


PS, if you missed the teaser trailer that preceded this one, here it is…

*Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer

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