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It’s Orange Wednesday guys! That means 2-4-1 at Pizza Express and a trip to the cinema for lots of you and so Wednesday seemed an apt time to talk about the film I’m most excited about at the moment… New Years Eve.

I am such a sucker for feel good movies like this and in line with previous similar films like Love Actually and Valentine’s Day, the all star cast guarantees that you’re going to come out of the cinema grinning and feeling super festive.

There’s no cliff hanger in this one, a pregnant lady’s (Jessica Biel) waters break, (wonder what happens there?) Glee star Lea Michelle gets trapped in a lift with Ashton Kutcher while the countdown is on and you see a host of other characters including Zac Efron, Halle Berry, Jon Bon Jovi, Robert De Niro, Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer and Katherine Heigl as the last day and night of the year plays out in New York City. It’s a classic backdrop for excitement and is going to be guaranteed to make me want to hop on a flight right out of the cinema screening!

The film isn’t actually out until tomorrow, 8th December, but I’ll be first in line to see it after a spot of Christmas shopping and a Christmas Market sausage with mulled wine šŸ™‚ If you can’t wait, head on over to the official New Years Eve movie site to see the full (and even better than the one here) trailer.

Have you seen the trailers? Is New Years Eve just the kind of film you like to see at this time of year? or will you be skipping this one in favour of decorating the tree?

Let me know your thoughts as always and let’s get excited together!


Twilight Breaking Dawn Trailer

Big news for Twilight fans – the latest trailer for the forthcoming Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1 was released today!

*Breaking Dawn Trailer (part 1)

There’s a whole lot more revealed in this trailer, (SPOILER ALERT! Look away now if you’ve not read the book!) there are more wedding scenes for those of you waiting for a glimpse of the dress and Bella’s ‘look’ and Jacob puts an appearance in at the white on white, flower-filled event. Then it’s straight into the honeymoon with steamy sex scenes a-plenty by the looks of things and that littleĀ surpriseĀ we are all waiting for.

We also get to see how the film will end – ie where they will break the book in half to finish part one and start part 2, and although it’s not explicit you’d assume it will be right after the birth – maybe they’ll leave the cliff hanger as to whether Bella survives?

I for one can’t wait – Are you a Twilight SagaĀ fanatic?


PS, if you missed the teaser trailer that preceded this one, here it is…

*Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer

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