The Lion King 3D

I was giving some thought to the films I have posted about already here on Florence Finds the other day and started to get a little bit self conscious about the potential for people judging my taste in movies! I’m no flick critic but I know what I like and I also love hearing what other people think of a film, even if it’s a simple as them sharing their reactions, just like with a book club I guess.. ‘I laughed my head off’ is good enough for me!

I’m making no apologies however for today’s choice… one of my absolute all time favourite movies, The Lion King.

I think everyone has a film that holds huge amounts of sentimental value to them, from the film you watched over and over and over with your girlfriends as a teen (Dirty Dancing/Top Gun?) or the one that first made you think, (Philadelphia) or the first one you watched with your beloved, films provoke so many memories.

For me The Lion King completely transcends sentimentality. It was released shortly after my Dad died and my sister and my Mum and I all went to Disneyland in LA as our first big holiday together without him. If you’ve ever been to Disney, you’ll know they do street parades four or five times a day which are themed to co-incide with the latest film release or holiday season. When the parades are on the music is inescapable, wherever you are in the park and so this incredibly poignant music about the Circle of Life infused the whole holiday. It was raw and heart breaking but life-affirming at the same time. We all stood there day after day, shedding tears of loss and grieving, but ending every parade feeling so uplifted.

It’s an incredible film and one that I will always love – I mean, who knew you could identify with a lion cub? But Simba’s teetering on the edge of emotional derailment reminded me that I could live a life defined by losing my Dad or use the experience to make me stronger and better and every time I hear the music or lose myself in the memory of the musical I later saw, it reminds me in equal parts that nothing will ever be worse than that experience, how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved since then.

I’d love to hear which films hold extraordinary significance for you and why – please leave a comment and share your experiences… and who’s going to see The Lion King 3D? (Am I going to be the only 29 year old in the cinema?!)


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