Friday Funk

I have a very varied selection of ‘favourite’ music. Like many of you I suspect, a lot of it is influenced by what I heard growing up (Motown) or during my formative party years. One genre I have always loved but I’m really not sure where I first heard is Disco. For me, Disco music is instant happy, instant dancing and the instant feel good factor.

So when I was asked to review this album it wasn’t hard to say, yes please!

As you can see from the track list, Up All Night is full of some absolutely stonking tunes if you happen to be a disco fan. Despite some of my favourite songs being on there I had no idea who Nile Rodgers was. Co-founder of The Chic Organization, he later worked with Sister Sledge, and one of my all time favourites Diana Ross. His talent wasn’t left in the 70’s however as he continued to work right up to his most recent work you may have heard – Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ which he also had a hand in.

Nile Rodgers is touring through the summer with Chic (they were at Glasto recently, and will be at Bestival,) but if you can’t see them and have a Disco shaped hole in your music collection I can highly recommend Up All Night. I’ve not stopped dancing to it 🙂


Disclaimer: Rebecca was provided with a complimentary review copy of The Chic Organization – Up All Night (The Greatest Hits) but if she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t be writing about it.

PS Come back for Friday Frock at 1pm – It’s a good one!

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