A Pinning Problem…

I’ve recently developed a problem, I’m addicted to Pinterest. It’s not a new thing, I’ve been pinning for 18 months now, but I just can’t stop!

Are you on Pinterest? If not, do you know what it is? If you’ve been pinning for ages, don’t mind me, but if not then you have to check it out.

Pinterest is like a virtual online scrapbook. You create ‘boards’ or groups of images, give them titles and add your images to it. It’s perfect for collecting ideas and inspiration, for a new decorating project for example. You can upload images you have taken or images from around the internet.

As well as your own images, you can also re-pin other peoples images. Just like on Facebook or Twitter you can follow your friends and celebrities, designers, bloggers and tastemakers. All of the pins from the people you follow show up on your wall and you can then re-pin them to your boards if you like them. I even use it to keep a note of things I want to read later, or just collect pretty images.

You can create a Pinterest account here and see my pin boards here.

Come and pin with me! 🙂


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