Found: Gelaskins

I’ve been meaning to do a bit of a techie round up of ways you can personalise your tech items. Phones, iPads and laptops are so much a part of everyday life now and after the iPhone became cool for it’s sleek design, more and more I’m seeing bloggers snapping pictures, iPhone in clear view and they’re no longer naked, sporting snazzy designs as part of the style statement.

My latest discovery however is head and shoulders above the rest. Spotted on Instagram via Alex D who was sporting a very Dream. Find. Do.-esque iPad cover, I then found that the Gelaskins range spans nearly every device you could need a cover for.

As the name suggests, the covers are mainly thin ‘skins’ that serve as protection against scratches and also bring colour and unique personality to your device. The icing on the cake is the cool range of wallpapers that you get access to with your purchase so you can even make the screen marry up with the outside.

I’m also claiming bonus points for the fact this is a product that doesn’t just work for the Apple family. Your Blackberry, Kindle, HTC, Samsung and more can all be personalised too.

Of course, it’s the range of geometric gorgeousness that had me sold and I bought the one pictured above. The hard case is slightly different. If you’re slightly clumsy like me, the hard case offers more protection than the skins for not much more money.

Gelaskins is a Canadian company but ships world wide. Go take a look, the designs available are immense and you can even customise your own with an image you have taken.

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