Friday Frock O’clock

Today, Black is Back.

You won’t see many black dresses on these here pages, mainly because I have a massive aversion to black. I know that so many women are completely addicted to it, it’s slimming, it’s classic, it’s work wear… I know, I know, the list goes on. I don’t even mind seeing other people in it, honestly. But when I wear it, I feel funereal.

However, being Halloween, I decided to look for a little black dress because I know there are tons of gorgeous ones out there (I even see them sometimes and think… I would so wear that, if I wore black,) and they are so popular. I intended to find a work-wear dress, maybe something for day wear… and then I found this baby.

Seriously? Once I caught sight of her ruffles? I was toast.

I strongly suspect that you have to be of epic proportions to look good in this dress, all legs and magnificent height, but the picture above is enough to sell it to me! Ted Baker always do amazing party dresses (with amazing prices!) and there’s never a season that I’m not lusting after one of their creations.

So, it’s Friday, time for you to share your favourite frocks – a black theme this week. Anything you’re lusting after, purchasing or wearing, let’s while away the last couple of hours of Friday by leaving a comment we can all look at before the weekend!


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