What to Wear: The South Africa Edition

For a while now I have been thinking that it would be fun to do a feature of what I wore every day of a holiday, so for a break from the travel posts I thought I’d share my outfits in SA, day by day. Putting together a packing list or ‘holiday wardrobe’ isn’t the easiest thing to do and I thought you guys might like to see how I’ve worn the same things in different ways throughout the holiday and I’ve included some tips on things to think about or remember when you are planning what to take away with you. This trip wasn’t all glamour so please don’t get too excited about what’s in store, it’s really more of a real life insight and hopefully you like it!

If you’re going to be sightseeing, a lightweight showerproof jacket and a cosy scarf are invaluable and will serve you well day after day…

If you’ll be walking a lot, especially out of the city, don’t forget some trainers or casual white pumps that will go with everything whilst giving you stable footing off the beaten track…

Stick to a key colour palette (mine was yellow, navy, and coral/red with neutral basics mixed in and a big dose of stripes.)

Invest in a couple of key accessories like these metallic flats to keep your outfits on trend.

You’re on holiday so ditch the formality and go for relaxed casual style and clothes you feel comfortable in…

Be prepared in certain parts of the world (and depending on your activities) to put together an outfit that covers your arms and legs. Sometimes it’s function over form!

Make your wardrobe work harder by re-wearing and layering. Neutrals work best for this as they will go with so many pieces (and in my book, navy and white stripes = neutral basics!)

Always pack a new bikini for a poolside pick me up 🙂

Don’t forget a cross body bag for all your essentials and some inexpensive costume jewellery (I always go for a bangle, hoop earrings, studs, a chunky necklace and a fine chain,) that will take you from beach to bar with ease.

I hope you enjoyed the insight 🙂


*PS I haven’t included my Safari outfits here as we barely took any photos of each other and I was just layered up to the max wearing all of the above on the chilly morning and evening drives!

Some of the items featured have previously been blogged about here:

Dream Destination: Sequoia National Park

Today I thought I would share some pictures of one of the places we visited on our trip through California earlier in the year. I had always wanted to see the tall trees. What I now know is that big trees can mean several different types – all in California. What we actually saw was The General Sherman tree (a Sequoia), the biggest tree (by volume) in the western hemisphere, in Sequoia National Park.

We started our journey to Sequoia from Yosemite and it took us around 4 hours, climbing to 6 thousand feet above sea level more than once on route. When we eventually reached the edge of the park we still had quite a drive to reach the main area where there is a cluster of ‘big trees’. We made a brief stop at Lodgepole for a bad sandwich with little else on offer before heading onwards to wards the big trees.

Big trees was a relative term, in fact although on the park maps only a few of the biggest were made note of, we drove through some absolute whoppers and the grove of trees that the General Sherman itself was in, was positively teaming with them.

Top image: The General Sherman tree.

It was a pretty incredible sight, walking though them, (sometimes quite literally as some fallen ones have features like a carved out tunnel,) craning your neck and squinting to view the top most branches.

Bottom image: Beetle Rock, with a view out over towards the California coast

I love the pictures we have here – the perspective and sense of the enormity of the trees and I’m really glad we went end though it required a massive detour on route to Vegas. In actual fact, Sequoia is much more of a wilderness experience if you really want to get back to nature – 100 times more ’empty’ than Yosemite was. We only spent about an hour there, spotting in at the visitor centre, mindful of the fact we had another 3 or more hours to drive south to our stop that evening in Kernville.

Have you ever seen the big trees?


PS Want to read more about my trip to California?

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