Christmas Contributions Plea!

Just a quick re-post to invite you to take part in Florence Finds next week. It’s now December the 4th, the Christmas countdown is on, and I’m thinking decorations!

Image credit Roger Ford – My cat Charlie in front of our tree a couple of Christmas’ ago!

Lots of people will be putting up their Christmas decorations this weekend (me included!) and I will be doing a round up of Christmas themes over the coming weeks. I would love to share some reader Christmas homes as a part of that.

So here’s what I need from you guys…

A picture of your Christmas decorations. It could be your tree or a smaller area of your home that you think looks particularly stylish – Think fireplace, perhaps your front door with a wreath on, maybe you set up a nativity corner for the kids, or make a little display in another corner. Or you can send a collection of images.

The images need to be 600px wide minimum (most digital cameras take them way wider than this so don’t worry too much) and the best quality possible. If you want some tips on how to take good pictures of things like your tree and light festooned houses… have a look at this Christmas Photos tutorial. And if you would like to, you can include a little bit about the inspiration/choice of decor. Any link you have for the decorations (recent ones that people can buy) would be great too, but isn’t essential.

And that’s it! Please don’t feel intimidated by this, I’m really excited to get everyone involved – I LOVE going to peoples houses at christmas and seeing how they decorate, so I’d love to share yours. Please note that in the event of me receiving many submissions I may not be able to post them all.

Get snapping and send your in to with the subject box marked ‘Christmas Decor’.


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