Florence’s Food: Christmas Cocktail

It’s time to start winding down for the Christmas period at Florence Finds. Apart from the fact that I’m so full of cold that I can barely muster the energy to write this post, I know you guys have better things to do than read FF at this time of year. I hope you’re all enjoying time with your loved ones, finishing off the shopping and feasting, because that is what Christmas is all about. As a result, there will be just one post today and tomorrow – come back for a festive What to Wear and Friday Frock combined.

In the meantime, something that is not entirely medicinal and very festive… over to Phoebe.

Orange and Clove Brandy.
Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a cocktail and all the spices that we associate with the smells and tastes of Christmas. Phoebe sent in this recipe after you guys requested it last week, when I resurrected her mince pies post. I’m planning on taking this home to my in-laws and making the cocktail version for Christmas Eve drinks after carolling around the village Christmas tree :) It’s super easy too!

700mls brandy (I used Morrison’s ‘The Best’ as I had NO idea about Brandy!)
3 cloves (I used 6)
2 cinnamon sticks
Zest of 1 orange
250g caster sugar

Place all the ingredients into a sterilised glass bottle and keep tipping the bottle daily until the sugar has dissolved (about a week.) It is Christmas in a glass.

Festive cocktail
50mls Orange and Clove Brandy
175mls of ginger beer

These are soooo yummy. I had a Christmas party and served them, and they went down so well. Everyone seemed a bit “ewww brandy??” at first but they went down a treat and sooo easy to do!


Have you got a favourite Christmas Cocktail?