Found: 1965 Kids

This morning’s post is one for the mummies, daddies, aunties, godparents, and doting honorary aunts reading. Today I have a find to share with you that shows unequivocally that style does not have to become history when you are buying for a small person.

1965 Kids was set up by an old contact of mine through the wedding industry – Jodie Chapman, who is a wedding photographer and now a mummy herself. I’ve long admired Jodie’s style on Instagram, where I discovered her passion for mid-century modern design and followed her quest to keep that alive in her nursery decor and baby Roman’s clothes and toys. I love the selection of cool brands she has curated for the style-hunting mum or gift giver, including decor, toys and clothing.

1965 kids … caters for the modern, style-conscious mum who wants to dress her kids with a similar aesthetic.

The market is particularly short on cool kids clothes that stand out and don’t feature fairies, butterflies and tractors. Cute as those things can be, I know I’ll want to have as much fun dressing and outfitting my children as I do with myself, and sherbert pink doesn’t feature so much in my aesthetic, so I’m super excited to have found Jodie’s new venture.

What do you think readers? Are you looking for great design for kids?


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