Borrowing from the Boys…

Due to disruption yesterday this post (which should have gone up yesterday lunchtime) is getting a little longer in the spotlight for you all to add your thoughts! Penny will be back with her musical discoveries this afternoon!

Unsurprisingly, my first stop when it comes to beauty products is not the mens beauty aisle in Boots. Last week however when we were on holiday, I dipped into Pete’s washbag and decided to try out his moisturiser, L’Oreal for Men Wrinkle De-crease. A bit of a cheeky present I got him for his thirtieth (with an anti-aging sub-text!) it had only made it away with us as Pete had remembered he might need a bit of extra attention for his skin after a day of sub zero winds and reflected sun on the slopes.

I was really pleasantly surprised, it had a lovely light fluid texture from the pump dispenser, sunk straight into my parched skin and had that bonus male fresh fragrance that I quite liked! After weeks of super cold weather here in the UK alternating with harsh central heating, I’ve really been battling to keep my skin hydrated and fight the flakes I experience on my t-zone without feeling like I have had to slick my face with overly thick or heavy moisturizer. I couldn’t believe something so light and fresh feeling could do such a great job.

Apart from occasionally borrowing deodorant or a razor if I have run out myself, I’ve never really used mens grooming products and it left me wondering if I was missing out?

Is there anything in your beauty routine that you borrow from the boys?