London Fashion Week Street Style: My Favourites

For my final LFW street style post, I’m sharing the outfits I loved. I go through phases of reading style blogs but when I’m short on inspiration it’s always good to see how other people are wearing things. You’ll notice that a lot of these looks are more casual, low key, or not even that trend-led and I guess thats why I found them inspiring or interesting to look at.

What do you think? Are these the kind of looks you can see yourself wearing?

A favourite... Love the metallics, the tee, the oversized necklace, and so refreshing to see a smile!

Another favourite, just effortless again and totally achievable.

Just lovely, tulle, floral prints, pastels and a hint of edge from the sunglasses...

I LOVE this outfit - The skirt was H&M and the polka dot top and leather just make the whole look perfect. My favourite.

Amongst the best dressed ladies I saw were the AMEX girls (LFW sponsors,) in Roksanda Ilinic.

Spotted! Jodie Kidd looking fabulous in neons and mirrored shades.

Particularly loved the girl on the left here, but the leopard panelled jacket was fab too.

Click through to the gallery to see more and don’t forget to come back and tell me your favourites!


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London Fashion Week Street Style: The Cool Hunters

Edit 13.32: Apologies for the downtime readers! I’ve had some issues with my hosting and site database this morning that resulted in the site being taken down whilst the situation was addressed. As a result, I’m scheduling this afternoons post later at 14.30 and then will push back this mornings post to tomorrow. Thanks for your patience! – Rebecca.

Today’s London Fashion Week street style focuses on the cool-hunters, my way of describing the people I spotted who looked great, but I couldn’t in a million years pull off a similar outfit. If you can look beyond the full-on fashion factor however, there is inspiration to be had in dissecting the outfits and taking away single elements of the look. Anything you like here?

Something told me this girl worked for Vivienne Westwood…

Too much black here for me personally, but these girls were embracing the spikes and studs and looking fierce.

Just brilliant. The bag is Kate Spade.

I’m not a guy, hence why I can’t pull this look off, but he just looked cool…

Loved the shorts, loved the brights, loved the lipstick. All grounded with neutrals.

Click through to the gallery to see more!


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London Fashion Week Street Style: The Weird & The Wonderful

Todays London Fashion Week street style snaps are dedicated to the hardcore fans of ‘fashion’ – but not as you or I know it. I was expecting LFW to have some amazing examples of fashion as inspirational style, like the editors and celebrities I’ve seen snapped in the magazines and online in seasons gone by. In fact it was way more extreme than that, with personal style taking centre stage and a lot of people dressing to be photographed. This is my selection of the most outrageous outfits I saw over the weekend – let me know what you think!

I’d never wear this but I love it – How much fun do those pom poms look?

Yes, that is a veil and yes, those are massive cartoon sequinned eyes on the front.

I first clocked this girl giving an impassioned monologue to a camera about how much she loves gold, ‘…I love gold, I just can’t understand how there can be any other colour, everything should be gold…’ – you get the idea.

These two win my award for dedication and commitment to the cause that is fashion… I mean, just the hair?

Extreme style. Particularly for a guy.

These guys were joking about being the latest boy band ‘Plastic‘. I still haven’t figured out if they were joking… Edit 18/9/12 Apparently not!

Click through to the gallery below if you’d like to see more!


PS – Spotted yourself here? Send me an email and I’ll add in a link/name.

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