Florence’s Book Club: Anna Karenina

Quite often, I end up reading books because they are coming out on film. I’m not too pedantic about which way round these things come, but it does spoil a book somewhat if I already know the ending. I often find too, that film trailers motivate me to read a book I would never have picked up. Even though I love classics, there’s no hard sell involved to point me in that direction so when I see the costumes and romance brought to life on film I’m a sucker for flipping open a dusty front cover.

‘There are as many Loves as there are Hearts’ – Leo Tolstoy

So this month’s book is Anna Karenina, a iconic character and incredibly romantic story, that is due to be released as a film (starring Kiera Knightley, who by now must be used to being strapped into a corset for most of her adult life, and Jude Law as her husband,) on September the 7th here in the UK.

For those of you yet to be convinced, I’ve included the trailer here. Watch it and gasp – at the sets, costumes and drama.

I’d love to hear from those of you who have read or perhaps even studied it… have you enjoyed it? Is it worth reading? Anybody going to join me?


PS – Please excuse the typos this morning – an old version got saved, pre-edit!

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