Friday Food: Florence’s Scones

This week it’s a very special Friday Food in honour of the Florence Finds Afternoon tea tomorrow! When I started Florence Finds, the food section was intended to share recipes that came with a seal of approval and perhaps even those family favourites that came from your grandmother’s recipe book. This week I have exactly such a recipe from the original Findette, Florence herself! (If you’re wondering what I’m jabbering on about and who the heck is Florence, then you can read about her here.)

Image from BBC Good Food

If there’s one recipe that ought to be a hand-me-down, it’s a scone recipe and what could be more appropriate before the Afternoon Tea meet up tomorrow? Today I’m sharing Florence’s original scone recipe, even with her original writing on it 🙂


  • Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl and then add the butter in cubes.
  • Using your fingers rub the mixture into the butter with your finger tips (with your palms up, rub your thumbs over the tips of your fingers.)
  • You should end up with a bowl full of dry fine crumbs. At this point make a well and add your beaten egg and stir gently to bring the mixture together.
  • Add a little milk to help but keep the whole thing as dry as possible without it falling apart.
  • Once brought together, turn the ball of dough out onto a floured surface and roll out to about half an inch thick, or slightly thicker.
  • Flour your cutter and cut out as many scones as you can. Brush each with a bit of beaten egg or milk and I like to sprinkle mine with sugar too. Then pop into the oven and cook until golden brown on top.

I used to make these with her as a little one, although I don’t remember and my Mum (not the world’s best baker) can even get them to turn out beatifully, so I hope you’ll give them a go this weekend. Print out the recipe, stick it into your recipe books and enjoy it! The secret to making them rise is that you need to flour the cutter before pressing out each one and then the edges don’t stick together preventing them from rising.

It seems a good time to once again ask if you have a any family heirloom recipes to share, perhaps a fruit bread, shortbread, cottage pie or lasagna… just shoot them over to me on


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