Monday Must Have: StyleUp Daily

When it comes to styling myself, I draw a lot of inspiration from the blogs that I read; some fashion and some lifestyle orientated. That’s what motivates me to share my own outfits, because I enjoy seeing other peoples. I tend to read a specific style of blog though which doesn’t leave me with much variation in the fashion inspiration I’m seeing. I also find it limiting when people have a strong personal sense of style, as I may love their outfits most of the time but I don’t want to look like an identikit copy nor do I own their wardrobe! If only there was someone to trawl the internet looking for outfit inspiration for me. Well it turns out there is!

A while ago I found StyleUp via an interview with its founder, Kendall Herbst. I clicked through and discovered what the site was all about. Sign up, and Monday to Friday you receive a shot of outfit inspiration (in the form of a street style snap of bloggers, celebrities and normal people wearing a great outfit) to give you ideas for what to wear that day. Each outfit is chosen to suit the weather in your location, so no breezy LA outfits to frustrate me in rainy Manchester! The idea is that it encourages you to think again about what you have in your wardrobe already and reinterpret according to current trends.

It’s a clever idea and I can’t imagine the work that must have gone into creating it. When you sign up the site asks you a couple of short questions about how you describe your style and gives you some outfit pairs to choose between, then the info you have given helps them decide which inspiration shot you receive each day. Your personal settings are further honed as you use the service, as you can feedback each day on whether you like the outfit or not, which in turn influences your emails in future.

The site extends to a community which I haven’t tapped into yet where your comments on your daily StyleUp‘s go and other users can agree or not, plus you can upload your own outfits for opinions.

I’m loving it, hence me sharing here. So far 70-80% of the images I have been sent have been a hit and whilst I don’t use it to get dressed in the morning, the inspiration stays with me when I’m outfit planning for a getaway, event or just the weekend.

Give it a go guys – I think you’ll love it!


Shorts… LA style.

This week, I intended to write a post about Wellies. As in Wellington boots. The kind that keep you dry (and look stylish) in the pouring rain, just like it was last week when I decided to write the post. However, In true Great British weather style, we are now mid-heat wave and I thought I’d better be darn well flexible with the schedule!

*Blue cotton Sterling Style and Striped Short Suit The Sartorialist

In the glorious sunshine we’re having I’m kind of torn. I’m all over the Autum/Winter trends already and have even embraced the idea of winter shorts, then along comes weather that is MADE for shorts. But the cut-off denim kind with a bikini top, a beer and a BBQ. I want to be wearing my gorgeous tailored smart shorts and looking stylish.

*Cream Leather9to5 Chic and Grey jumper and peachy shirtThe Sartorialist

I’ve been trying out some outfits at home and out and about (pictures to come) but in the meantime, I thought I’d look to the LA street style I so enjoy seeing on various blogs for some inspiration and hopefully trends that will translate and encourage you all to be a little bit more adventurous with your shorts.

*RelaxedThe Sartorialist and Nude and NavyThe Sartorialist.

*Black Leather and Black on Black, both Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Of course, by the time you all read this it will no doubt be raining again. Look out for that Wellies post 🙂


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