Fash Flash: Autumn Inspo…

I dont know if it’s my mental state that has been messed up by all the lovely sunshine in Florida, but coming back to cold weather and the need for layering has left me in a state of style confusion and more often than not, cold. When the seasons change I often gather inspiration from magazines and in recent years, my favourite style bloggers. To that end I thought I would share a collection of Autumn outfits from stylish ladies that are inspiring me this season.

Image Credit: Eat. Sleep. Wear & Atlantic Pacific

I love a cosy layered look, the trick is to keep it slim or intentionally oversized, staying well away from Michelin-man impressions!

Image Credit:What I Wore, Eat. Sleep. Wear., Atlantic Pacific

I can see a khaki jacket is going to be an essential for my wardrobe this Autumn/Winter and I’m still loving a pop of yellow – perfect for kicking the leaves.

Image Credit:Atlantic Pacific & Wendy’s Lookbook

When it comes to shopping or more stylish occasions, a glittery collar is an easy update to last season (or year’s) blouse, with the new printed pant: brocade.

Image Credit:Wendy’s Lookbook & Cupcakes and Cashmere

When it comes to meeting friends I’ll be keeping it tailored on the top half with well cut jackets and sparkle, striking flashes of colour, lots of oxblood and sticking with a skinny silhouette (cropped of course) for trousers and jeans.

What’s your outfit inspiration this Autumn and are there any looks you would love to emulate here?


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